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  1. I definitely get the anti-incumbent sentiment, but I still don't foresee this state electing a Democrat for Governor, Senator, or see the state go blue in a presidential election any time soon. I'd be very pleasantly surprised if it did, but I'm just not seeing it. I'll wager you the beer of your choosing if Roy Barnes defeats Handel or whomever gets the GOP nod. I like Porter as well, just am not as familiar with his campaign as I am with Poythress.
  2. Since the GOP primary will essentially decide the next governor, I sincerely hope Handel wins. But they all just suck sooooooo bad. I've backed David Poythress, but he stands no shot against Roy Barnes, who in turn stands no chance in this bloody red state.
  3. Best of luck to her and it is great to 'see' a person doing something positive for the less fortunate.
  4. I do have a lot of stuff that I need to sell...maybe I'll get around to that this weekend.
  5. I think that is "Clear WiMax 4G Highspeed wireless internet"...yeah, it bugs me too, but mostly because they have a similar ad on Pandora. Oh well, it's free (for now).
  6. Nope, never been parkinlotted. Anyone want to set a date? Of course, that takes the randomness out of the situation...but I'll buy the first round after the parkinlottedness is complete!
  7. I see it every work day on the way home from Atlanta...people merging from 285 southbound to I-20 West try to get ahead of the trucks and cross the gore. I was told by a California Highway Patrol friend years ago why it's called the "gore" (it's obvious and is likely not related to the original meaning): it's because they often see the worst accidents in that area and also causes a traffic nightmare when some fool crosses it and causes a wreck and backs up two highways in the process.
  8. What the french, toast? Love that one as well.
  9. Mostly sports people...Chad (Johnson) OchoCinco is very entertaining...
  10. Trust no one! So it really boils down to distrust of the government...ah. Thanks for the stimulating conversation. 'Till next time.
  11. “May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.” Have a loverly day!
  12. What would it matter? You're not moving, right? How about states first, will that be acceptable? Minnesota, Oregon, Vermont, North Dakota, and Indiana had a reduction in unemployed over 12 months. Both Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas have healthy unemployment figures, especially compared to other states. Cities: Burlington, VT, Rochester, MN, Alexandria, LA, Fargo, ND, Lawrence, KS, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, Shreveport, LA. Oklahoma City is at 6%. Washington D.C. is at 6.7%. San Antonio is at 7.3%...all better than Atlanta at 10.4%. Look at the historical high unemplo
  13. Hmmm...18 states have unemployment rates below 8%...8 states are below 7%...3 are at 5% or below.
  14. As compared to quoting an opiate addicted gunslinger to back your idea of a revolt? Perhaps.
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