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  1. That's what my sister got: a degree in Theatre Arts from a school that cost roughly $40K annually. She did get a third scholarship and parents paid some, but she still owes over $50K...and is working at Starbucks. I'm glad I went to the military... And my baby's mama has this degree...and I'm still paying for it.
  2. Yeah, I think it's fine. I can't think of anything specifically that would make a parent of a kid that age cringe, but then again...I sometimes forget where I live...
  3. Just check Clark Howard's site first...he's got all the details.
  4. This isn't on there and I can't find it out on the interwebs, but: There's no right way, to eat a Rhesus.
  5. Huge loss for baseball...RIP Mr. Harwell, you're one of the best.
  6. Yuck. The smell of rank body odor is second in terms of nastiness to decomposition...gag.
  7. Meh. The burgers are ok, but they don't have shakes or good fries. Just one man's opinion...
  8. In-N-Out Burger. They won't move past Tucson, but I can dream, can't I?
  9. I'm sorry, where did I ever say I was speeding? I'm not going to run you off the road. If you're going the speed limit, then I have no problem with you, but if you're out for a Sunday drive in the middle of rush hour, I guarantee you'll have more people upset with you than those willing to speak up here. It is dangerous if you turn out slowly on say 92 or 61; there are many fast cars and trucks who might not be able to slow down quickly for you and your mother. Who are you really mad at: me or those you feel were inconsiderate this morning or whenever? And thanks for the driving tips.
  10. I could, but as you say...wild drivers. They're nuts on Waters as they round the curves south of Lake Ramona. I could wear a bright orange reflector vest and there would still be too many close calls. And I run against traffic so I can see the cars coming! Guess it's back to the SCT.
  11. If it takes you a half mile to slow down and a half mile to speed up, then you shouldn't be on the roads at all. Sorry, that's just not safe and there is no situation under normal driving conditions that merits such behavior. Now, if there were warning signs, such as flashing your hazard lights to warn other drivers of a potentially dangerous situation, then it becomes more understandable. At any rate, I will pass when it is safe to do so.
  12. Yea! no longer have to take the long way around! Boo! Now I have to find someplace else to go running!
  13. I just ignore him. He's a media whore, just like so many others. Totally gross, btw.
  14. Oh, you mean what happens EVERY MORNING on I-20 eastbound by 285? A driver who does that should be eligible for the death penalty, in my opinion. Edit...ok, I guess no one backs up...nevermind...you know what I'm talking about.
  15. This may not be a popular sentiment in this thread, but if you're going slow, just stay on the right or pull over to let people past. I know it's easier said than done in some cases, but if you're asking for people to be courteous behind you, you should be courteous as well.
  16. Absolutely not. What's next, tape them up with bubble wrap? Nah. Better to limit the strength of the bats than to overreact.
  17. I could understand facemasks for girls softball; they have a lot more to lose than one of us fugly boys, plus they are a lot closer to the plate...I sure would never wear a mask on the mound for baseball. Heck-freaking-no. I disagree, but to each their own!
  18. So far, it has been more dangerous to be a third base coach than a pitcher. Mike Coolbaugh. Coaches on the field are now required to wear helmets. I thought this was going to be a pitching related question. Since I'm here and typing...if you have a kid who wants to pitch, or if you're getting older but still have some gas on your fastball, check out Dr. Mike Marshall's free pitching instructional videos. I wish I had found him about 15 years ago...would have saved my shoulder and probably would have at least did better than I did in HS.
  19. I use it. It was great Skype-ing with my brother when he was in Iraq last summer.
  20. The weather radio just went off, Thunderstorm warning for Paulding until 1230.
  21. Did you know if you switch browsers...you can vote double? Hehehe. Mark, PM sent...asking a RE question...
  22. 1999, from a school no one would know, and you'd know my name if you'd ever call or write.
  23. I can't believe I'm actually excited for the opening of a new grocery store...I've been in Paulding too long...
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