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  1. Five chickens. Where to process them?
  2. Let's say you have a bunch of chickens that need to be processed here in Paulding County. Where could you go?
  3. I know a guy who can get the tranny repaired. PM me if you either plan on keeping it or selling it.
  4. Our government should be as close to competing with the Googles of the world as Mercury is to Pluto. For $20 a month, my internet is fine. Throw in $3 a month for Ooma, $7 for Netflix, and Chromecast for nothing, and my family has pretty much all the online we need.
  5. For all of you wanting to get just one more brand new VCR, this is your last chance. Radio Shack will be closing within the next 60 days.
  6. Can anyone here recommend a place that would have one available?
  7. You're only fooled if you believe this video is genuine. I'm willing to bet anyone here $100 that they won't be able to connect a single one of these young people to the university. Any takers?
  8. Prayers headed his way. He's a super nice guy and I hope he heals quickly and completely.
  9. My good God. This is like the definition of insanity. Then again... I'm also part of the nuthouse.... I have a year's worth of Straight Talk, everything unlimited, for around $450/year. My wife has a tracfone. She spends maybe $80 a year. We do have home DSL internet for $23 a month. The wireless router we got eons ago is perfect for letting us use a desktop, laptop, Ipad, and a Galaxy Note II that I got a few months ago for $200 cash. Then, we finally have Ooma with our phone. Cost is about $3.50 a month. Obihai would be free, but I am still uneasy about whether Google Voice
  10. Wow, I guess I'm the opposite of the stereotype while my wife embraces it. We just have two TV's. The one in the living room is a 27". The one upstairs was an $89 one of the same size that we bought in 2002 or so. Neither of them are flat screens, and they both have the obligatory converter box and antenna we got back when the government was giving them away. The downstairs one has a VCR that still works. Come to think of it, I bought this Acer computer monitor for $119.... and that has been our single largest expenditure when it comes to home entertainment.
  11. Powder Springs is pretty much blocked off in the area that borders Paulding County. Also.... zombies...
  12. http://www.roadandtrack.com/features/web-originals/the-f-150-will-change-your-junkyard-forever
  13. Your fast reply function is erasing what I'm writing whenever I jump onto another web page. I have no idea why, you may want to try it out yourself. Anyhow, I tracked the exact reality that you mention in another portion of the study and found that not to be the case at all. Older owners tend to keep their vehicles for far longer periods of time, and the one brand that trumps all others for age longevity, is Buick. http://members.wolfram.com/nickl/TIQI-over18-years.png The Buick brand, which skews heavily towards an older population has nearly three times as trade-ins, percentage
  14. There was a nice long Facebook thread about the article a couple of days ago. I think I should at least offer the highlights of my responses here. his is going to be a long post. So read it through before making any response. First off, there are some strong objective differences between what this study can provide to used car buyers, and what Consumer Reports currently offers to the public. Namely... No owner bias: All of the trade ins are inspected by a professional independent appraiser. Not the owners. These appraisers are all given the same training regimen and take classes
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