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  1. Besides that fact that it still runs?...it has some pep for a little 4-bang ride.
  2. Yep, I'm stuck. If I didn't have a house, and the cost associated with moving all the junk and getting it ready to rent, I'd be gone. I do like it here, and there are some excellent people, but I'm getting that itch to get out of Dodge.
  3. The wrong way driver, a 71 year old man from Villa Rica in a Chevy Silverado, killed a Marine from Camp Lejeune, his dog, and critically injured his wife. They were driving a Mitsubishi Mirage. Just a horrible, terrible, and completely preventable tragedy. AJC
  4. I'm going to order a couple for me and some friends, thanks for the heads up! It's a great deal!
  5. The future king governor of the Republic of Texas.
  6. I love the Old Spice commercials. So lame, but intentionally lame! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE I'm on a horse.
  7. I'll be closing this "first" out soon enough. Time to move on.
  8. If you were to fear anything, domestic terrorism by anti-government groups is far more concerning than U.S. Muslims. The great majority of them are normal citizens who happen to have a different religious belief that has been hijacked by extremists. Anyone, from any religion or creed, that goes to an extreme and harm innocents is lower than the dog scat under my boot.
  9. Definitely agree, if they can find a taker. This is a deep draft, and they might be able to pull out a couple of very good picks for that first rounder.
  10. The Sporting News has reported that the Falcons have agreed to terms on a 6 year deal with former Houston Texans Cornerback Dunta Robinson. Robinson will be 28 years old this coming season, and is a good addition to the Falcons secondary. He is an Athens, GA native, and was drafted 10th overall by the Texans in the 2004 draft out of the University of South Carolina.
  11. Sure, here's the link: GA Work$ The administrator at the Cobb-Cherokee DOL is Moni Azibo (770-528-6120). I would pick a company that you really want to work for, and take a trip down to visit them. Learn the details of this program (stress that it is FREE to the employer), and get your foot in the door. I'm enjoying my internship; I have a lot of people backing me for a full time position!
  12. That's true. He is a good guy, just like Granderson was for Detroit. Better than Cabrera...
  13. Yeah, lose Inge. Won't he set the Tigers all-time strikeout record this year? And the Tigers have been around a long time!
  14. Ok, well for one, it's always been men doing the announcing at baseball games. Opportunities for women in broadcasting are still very limited. I'm not misogynistic, but frankly, I don't want to hear a woman on the radio. Maybe one will come along that will change things for me, but I grew up listening to announcers like Vin Scully (Dodgers baseball), Chick Hearn (Lakers basketball), and even Ernie Harwell (Angels, 1992) for a year. You listen to them so often, they almost become a member of the family. I know people felt the same way about the Careys, Mel Allen, Red Barber, Jerry Coleman,
  15. Why do I feel like I'm walking into an ambush?
  16. Spring training already started! I just got the MLB radio package, $20 for the year. I just wish I had some money to go to FL or AZ for the spring games.
  17. Wanna schedule a play date? LOL! I'm a baseball addict too.
  18. That's too bad. I've applied for some positions at the MLB offices in NYC. I doubt I'll ever hear back, but it's worth a shot. I should have asked the Atlanta Braves or the Rome Braves for an internship under the GA Works program; I wonder if they would have had any interest.
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