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  1. I felt it here on Old Villa Rica, thought my dog was running across the deck but he was inside.
  2. Sure is Smokey around here, anybody know what is burning??
  3. We use the Ark they are great with our Dane Angie!!
  4. Love Dr Vick he is so caring, he did my husbands surgery in Oct.
  5. Happy Valley Baptist in Villa Rica Saturday
  6. The Cutting Edge in Dallas / Tina 770-443-8362
  7. 1 twisted telephone cords 2 putting an empty pitcher back in the fridge 3 Rude disrespectful (sp) children
  8. Sir Frederick Chicken dale or Lord of The Wings
  9. I would love to know how to make that dip, I love it.
  10. We have it and have no complaints, we do not not have an alarm.
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