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  1. I won't go back there. We went last summer and spent $25 to get in. A storm came less than 45 mins later. It was thundering & lightning and all that. They would not give us a rain check or anything. We spent $25 to swim for less than an hour. They don't HAVE to give rain checks but I thought it was pretty lame that they did not considering we were there less than an hour and spent good money.
  2. If anyone comes across a video please let me know. I live in Southern Trace right where it hit and I am curious as to what it looked like. The house across from me is the one that was on WSB a lot where the entire top half was blown away. Our house was actually not damaged but ones all around us were.
  3. I was sick the entire pregnancy with my first. The prenatal vitamins made me sick cause I never threw up until I started taking those. The 'morning sickness' started literally the next day after I started the vitamans everytime. Plus I was severely anemic the entire time as well and lost weight up until around my 33rd week. The second pregnancy, I was sick til I was about halfway thru the 2nd trimester, and my 3rd child I was sick up until around 20 weeks, so it got better with each pregnancy. I was really anemic every time though. My iron levels were really low so I was really tired the whole
  4. I use the 99 cent eyeline from Walmart! And it doesnt smudge! I used to use the Cover Girl Perfect Point but I like the 99 cent one just as much!
  5. The Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese kit is really good! It tastes as good as all the 'real' homemade mac & cheese dishes Ive had.
  6. Chili dogs! And fries!! So not healthy but so good!
  7. YES!! Loved all that! I used to jam out to Uncle Luke Scarred all the time too on the weekends in my car riding around. Its like the dirtiest song ever but I loved it. I need to go find that song on iTunes, now I wanna hear it LOL
  8. Yep all the good rap was in the 90s!!! I miss Booty Music!!! HA! I went thru my alternative phase in the mid 90s. I loved Pearl Jam, STP, Hole, Nine Inch Nails, all that!
  9. Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch, Jodeci, Beverly Hills 90210, PAGERS LOL, grunge rock, flannel shirts, oh I can go on!
  10. I think with laptops you really should put in the extra money and get a nice one that will last. I learned this the hard way. I had an Acer laptop that lasted about 2 years before the LCD started going bad. I also had a Dell Inspiron that had a harddrive failure about 9 months after buying it. I recommend Compaq for a lower end computer. They are fairly inexpensive and reliable. Our Compaq lasted about 5 years. The only work we had to do on it was upgrade the memory. Im using a Samsung laptop now and love it. It was not cheap though.
  11. He was hitting out of anger. I could tell that much off the bat. He just kept hitting and hitting. He was hitting her on the side and on her arms. That is not discipline that's ABUSE. And who the heck whips a 16 year old with a belt seriously?!? I didnt get spankings after like 10 years old. Taking away the computer for a few weeks or a month is a more suitable punishment that what this guy did. I wonder what the statue of limitations is for this, because he certainly committed a crime. EDIT Nevermind I googled it and he will NOT be charged. http://www.usatoday.com/ne
  12. This girl just wants to get rich. Period. Anybody who believes otherwise is very naive. I cannot stand Beiber. Luckily my daughter only liked him for like a week and now she says he's a dork. LOL I've heard he is a real a_hole.
  13. All you have to do is get a GSM Straight Talk phone and pop the SIM from it in an unlocked iPhone. Not all Straight Talk phones are GSM though. You just need a Straight Talk SIM to do it. You can use the iPhone with any carrier that uses GSM as long as the iPhone is unlocked. Ive used the iPhone with both Tmobile and Walmart mobile. Some people even claim to have flashed the Verizon iPhone to work with Metro PCS.
  14. Breakfast Casserole! I make it every Christmas. You make it the night before and refrigerate, then Christmas morning just pop it in the oven for 45 mins. I am still learning with baking so I usually just stick with boxed cake mix and frozen pies for desserts.
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