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  1. Quit shaking your head and have an honest discussion. Tell me what is wrong. Better yet, show me. I'm waiting.
  2. Reporting the mentally ill to NICS, like the law is written, would be the best start. Getting the mentally ill the help that they need would also be a good move. Coddling the mentally ill and not admitting that they are sick, is a huge problem. NOBODY at the NRA is condoning giving the mentally ill firearms. They certainly aren't putting them in their hands. Show me where that is the case. You can't.
  3. If you are truly sick and tired of kids dying, start giving a damn about the treatment of mental health issues and the constant prescription of mind-altering drugs to children. We are turning out drugged up zombies at an alarming pace. The process to remove the 2nd Amendment is one that will never happen. If you are an educator, you already know that.
  4. Because an opinion piece is written for the Washington Post, doesn't mean it's fact. It's still an opinion piece. I have watched both my wife's and my 401K and we are making money on our investments. I have watched my personal IRA and I'm making money. We are not part of the top 1%. We are probably not part of the top 25%. We are just plain old middle-class working folk. In fact, I'm one of those uneducated white guys that you keep hearing about with no college degree.
  5. Not sure where you get your numbers, but 54% of Americans are invested in the stock market. I would say that most them are not using their investments to put food on their table or pay their mortgage. It's there for retirement reasons. Here's a number for you. 100% of people who do not invest, never see a benefit from a Bull market. Anyone can save a little money every paycheck. Anyone. It may require you to cut back on how you spend your money on cell phones, cable TV, car payments, etc.....but, it can be done.
  6. Lay off the Drambuie....... There are a whole lot of us damn Yankees here, too, as long as you are dredging up that old garbage. Deflect all that you want, but while everybody is worried about MARTA coming to Paulding and bringing "riff raff" and "outsiders", it's the Democrats, or the lack of, that are bringing the new carpetbaggers. I guess they are coming to reconstruct your awesome Paulding Democratic Party. Good luck with that.
  7. Pubby, why don't you dig a little into the two idiots who are running for the Democrats in this district? Both of them moved to Paulding in the last few months, just so they could run for this seat. One is from Smyrna, where he has failed to get elected to the State Senate, recently. The other is from Powder Springs, where she got disqualified from running for Mayor, because she bounced her qualification check. Those who live in glass houses....... Also, Gullet is a decent guy, but wasn't he the past Chairman of the Paulding GOP? Hardly a Libertarian. It's political season. I just sto
  8. Stand your ground did not even come into play in this case, but that does not fit your mentally unstable liberal narrative. You are always the smartest idiot in the room, just ask you. This place has become a trucking cesspool. I'm done.
  9. If your kid is posting on his/her social media accounts about their drug use, as a parent, you need to know and react to it. Pay attention. Look at their phones, tablets, and computers. Their privacy is not sacred. Know what your children are doing and who they are hanging out with. Strive to know what their spare time is spent doing.
  10. Those were exactly my thoughts.
  11. The best part is that OSU played a good, but not great, game. Lots of mistakes and they still won. If they can fix a few things, they will give Oregon all that they can handle. Go Bucks!
  12. http://twitchy.com/2014/12/20/can-they-breathe-execution-style-killing-of-two-nypd-officers-celebrated-salute-the-shooter/ Read the amazing amount of people rejoicing over this and see if your blood doesn't boil.
  13. They had no problem claiming the 1942 National Championship, although many schools were struggling with the same issues.
  14. It was stupid, that is for sure. I feel like the whole end to the game was karma for the absolute ridiculous allowance of that 99 yard "fumble" return. One of the worst calls/no calls that I have ever witnessed in a college football game.
  15. We need more folks like him. A lot of people need to step back and quit being so venomous.
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