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  1. Check out http://www.nostalgiazone.com/ to see what they are selling them for. There are also price guides you could buy, but this will give you a quick free way to get a general idea of how much they are worth.
  2. Academy Sports + Outdoors confirmed via their Facebook page on June 16 that a store will be opening in Hiram in 2012. No other details were given.
  3. I would have set her straight right away that you were the Good Samaritan that turned her purse in!! Seriously, someone who would take the money would not be likely to turn the purse in. Sorry you got such a reaction for your good deed.
  4. I asked some radio industry folks, and in simple terms, certain atmospheric conditions can cause some FM radio signals to go further than normally would. This causes them to interfere with stations on or close to the same frequency. They didn't say if those atmospheric conditions were caused by aliens or tunnels.
  5. Strange - I thot it was just me. WSB on FM at 95.5 had so much static I couldn't listen during morning commute. But WABE 90.1 NPR was ok. Maybe it's sun spots??
  6. The counties around Paulding probably aren't too far. Is that Aubrey Lake in Cartersville? And I see Lake Jane on Pine Shadows drive and Lake Lindsey road at Google maps, but not Lake Lindsey, at least not named on the map. Is the pay lake somewhere along Lake Lindsey rd? Will definitely have to try White Oak - bream is ok, we would be happy to catch anything! Thanks!
  7. I want to take my boys fishing some place close by. Has anyone fished at VFW park off Hwy 120 near Buchanan? (aka Lake Olympia or Seabreeze) Are there some nice places to fish from the bank, or it more just for the swimming? Is White Oak Park still just Catch & Release? Does any one know if that will change in the future? Any other good places close by to fish? Thanks!
  8. I guess if the tax breaks are still an issue, this might just be a pipe dream.
  9. Maybe the economic downturn killed the development with Cabela's in Adairsville. The articles I found did say that Cabela's was still interested in the Southeast - they do not currently have any stores here. Nothing on the Cabela's website about any expansion stores in the Southeast. It would be quite a coup if Paulding landed one. We were excited about the possible store in Adairsville, would be cool to have one that close to us. Here are the Site Requirements for new stores from the Cabela's website. Some obviously don't match the Hiram Kroger site (60 minutes drive from another st
  10. Great show, very well done. It's the only thing on TV that is must see for me. Seeing it all happen in Atlanta is an added bonus. Watching the scene at Marietta and Broad streets full of zombies, with the Georgia State signs in the background, was a scream.
  11. I really liked El Pollo Loco and miss the Hirm and West Cobb locations, so I now go down to one on Thorton Rd when I get the chance or am down that way. However, I also like Bojangles spicy chicken and it will be cool to have that closer.
  12. Was coming home just before 11p. Saw the blue lights at Grands at corner of Old Cartersville and Ivey Gulledge. Paulding Sheriffs and GA State Patrol, all gathered near the gas pumps under the bright lights. Looked like they were apprehending or questioning someone. Anyone know what was going on?
  13. Thanks for the update. I saw him too, and wondered if he was legit. I think for the future I am going to have contact info for my church's food pantry and other similar ministries - that way I know help is there for a real need.
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