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  1. Hey yall! I'm doing wonderful!!! It has been a while!!! Thought about p.com the other day and was surprised I remembered my log in info lol Glad I did My babies are so big!! 13,8,6 My oldest is my " mini me", my middle is as sweet as pie and my baby boy is my, well...baby. yall find me on fb. It's Erica Lambert now
  2. it's been soooo long!!! How is everyone??
  3. I was apart of that massive marketing mistake, when I worked there i had to place all those tiny little stickers ALL over merchandise, it was horrible, I thought the new pricing policy was terrible from the beginning!!
  4. Brittany Rainer at Bloom Hair Salon in Dallas she is AMAZING! 770-443-3056
  5. Jerry, it doesnt apply to immediate family members. i.e. siblings of the born
  6. Yes both of mine were in the room with me. Oldest at the time was 5 and then 6 and youngest was 2. they did great, loved being there to see their sibling as soon as he was born.
  7. Thanks Lisa, Ill text you
  8. Needing to borrow an air mattress or buy one or I will just take one off your hands. I need to borrow it for a few weeks if possible. please help
  9. Wouldnt it be great if the hospital and the nurse were getting back at the DJ's with a prank of their own?
  10. Above marietta alcohol is a must haha bathroom are a must as well lol
  11. Any ideas on a local good resaurant for a company christmas party, perferably somewhere that has a room or area that is somewhat secluded. TIA
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