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  1. I am always polite. Anyone who knows me IRL knows that. But IF you come at me with religious literature and try to corner me to prostheletize, be prepared for my wicked bitch to surface. Seriously, if I were interested in your obscure religious beliefs, I'd knock on your door. Don't think you'll "win" me if you knock on mine.
  2. They buried the non-vialble egg from last mating season deep in the nest...reckon it's still there?
  3. You must be right behind me! The horse pasture backs up to our land on the backside. My dogs love to "play" with the horses.
  4. I live just a couple of houses away from what all happened today, on Ridge Rd. The other incident was in Powder Springs, off Florence/Shipp Rd. We lived over there back then, but we moved over here almost three years ago.
  5. This was pretty much my view all afternoon, too. I'm glad night has fallen and there's nothing more to see. The choppers were driving my dogs NUTS.
  6. YAY! I've been watching her for the last several days but missed this because of all the other stuff going on around here today. Can't. Stop. Watching.
  7. I do not know, Pubby. I heard that as well, and I would conclude it is an error in reporting. My understanding is that they were a family of four. I wondered when I heard that five people lived in the home, because I thought it was just the four. But as I said, we did not personally know them.
  8. It was. That triple murder is still unsolved, 7.5 years later. This just makes me so very sad. We did not know them. Yes, they were our neighbors, but it's not in a subdivision...everyone has a very large yard, so we never had the opportunity to meet them. I did often see the girl out waiting to catch the school bus. My heart is just broken that there was so much pain and anger so close to home, again. This time though, I just feel very sad. With Jane and her family, I felt frightened because the crime was never solved and whoever did it is presumably still walking around free.
  9. Howdy, neighbor. Sad way to meet. Mine is the home with the loooong driveway on the same side of the road as this house. There are two houses between me and this house. I was working from home today, and went out around 2:15 to get something to eat. There were police cars lining both sides of the road with their lights on, and crime scene tape was up. There were officers ALL OVER the yard. I had no idea what was up, but then I heard it on the radio about "multiple bodies" found. Way too close to home for me...I went through something similar at our former home in Powder Springs several ye
  10. It's the third house down from me, and I live almost across the street from the big blue water tank on Ridge.
  11. Bless you, grumps! I have no idea what's up with my PM box. But I just messaged you!
  12. I just wanted to take a minute and thank this community for being so awesome. I put out a request, and generous offers of material things this family needs came in for us. Do you know how special that is? I'm a really marginal poster these days, but I thank all of you who read my post asking for help and offered to assist this family. They still need a lot of basic things. We have no dishes and cookware as far as I know. No towels or washcloths. And as I updated in my original thread, they need a Christmas tree. I'm not begging for free stuff. I am just asking for people with exces
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