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  1. I heard it last night and its going on tonight. It does not sound like fireworks to me
  2. Heavy sweaters and sweatshirts 50% OFF *not including NS items
  3. always helpful to me at the thrift store. always funny and always kind loved his family RIP David
  4. Paulding Plaza The Thrift Store Clothing 50c per piece Children's, men's women's as always NS items not included 10-6pm
  5. The store is going to be packed with clothes on Saturday.
  6. Thank you so much Glassdogs for your help. The door works great and it was nice meeting you as well!!!
  7. we are having the 50c sale next Saturday
  8. Some of you may remember the famous 50c Sale Come see us for great deals Saturday September 13, 2014 from 10-6 Men, Women and Children CLOTHING 50c per piece!! Items Marked NS not included (Post if you remember this sale in the past)
  9. Our door at the thrift store at Paulding Plaza will hardly close. We think someone pulled down on it or was playing on it. The landlord does not or is not required to fix those such things. I think it is the hinges. If you know somebody that can go by and look at it. We don't have much money (actually) none. The store is not making any money. I am afraid it is going to just fall off the hinges someday. Thanks to anyone ahead of time!!
  10. birdmom

    Stop In!

    this is mine located in Paulding Plaza next to Medicine Shoppe
  11. birdmom

    Stop In!

    A DIFFERENT SALE EVERYDAY!!!- MONDAYS - 99c Clothing per piece. TUESDAYS – BOGO ½ Off Clothes, Glasses & Mugs (disc. applies to lesser priced item) WEDNESDAYS- 50% off Clothing THURSDAYS- Senior Discount 10% (55&up) 50% Off Shoes, Purses &Belts FRIDAYS- 50c Children’s Clothes per piece and 50% off stuffed animals and some toys SATURDAYS- 50% OFF Children’s Accessories(which incl. hats, bibs, &socks) **NO SALES INCLUDE NS ITEMS** SENIORS 65 &UP MAY RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT EVERYDAY. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR THE DISCOUNT; WE DON
  12. The rack with the yellow sign near the front items 25c to 50c its full come check it out
  13. Who has seen the Thrift Store since we rearranged it? I saw Lady Raider the other day
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