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  1. AND the police have found another body at Lake Allatoona last night hanging from bridge also.
  2. OH MY GOSH!! This is terrible he was on other side of road headed north when he was almost in front of our shop when I noticed one of the guys across the street from us called out to him and gave him a bag of food, it looked liked his dog was real excited about what was in the bag and was jumping all around the guy and they keep walking northward ....didn't see him again until around 6;15 I was leaving the shop when I noticed he was headed South again it had just started to rain ...Prayers for his family, glad the dog was found safe, he seemed to take care of his dog he had a doggie coat on
  3. We used Mom's Computers on Hiram Douglasville Hwy Hiram..770-384-0444..
  4. Hi fire911, our phone number is 770-222-9322...Please give us a call.. Thanks everyone for the refer..
  5. 29 Model A..Beauty in itself..Finished up her detail now headed to Nashville Tenn. for a Car show..
  6. This is a Rare One...0:#33 CORVETTE WHITE1.jpg] 2009 CSR Corvette One out of 72 built AND 1-of 13 in Artic White..This one is #33..It's an AWESOME RIDE!!
  7. I have purchased Blueberries from a gentleman on Hiram Sudie Rd area, several years ago and have lost my info for him, does anyone have any info on him? Thanks
  8. dianne99


    Yep this customer has named his Truck this, and with what he does for a living it fits well..lol Now the real funny part is while he was going over everything we did 2 guys pull into our place and ask was the truck for sale.
  9. It's close to that time of the year to dip this in some water....We also Detail Boats...and tint their windows too, check out this Deck Boat we finished..
  10. Thanks Tess, My fav is a 66 SS but I'd cruise in this one..
  11. On name for his car...1967 Chev SS..Need I say more..I like this one.!
  12. Not real sure of this, my friend from Down Under Australia says they have them there but actually it sounds out a song? If so wonder which song or artists they choose for it??? lol
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