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  1. Some people have wayyyy to much time on there hands!!
  2. I watched this and I was ok until the lady with the marsh mellow then I lost it!!
  3. OH!!!! I didnt have my cell phone. I was in my jammys.
  4. I was supposed to call you?? Dang I am more damaged than I thought....LOL We do need to do it more often!!
  5. Sybra I may take you up on that!! You are so sweet and you do Rock!!! LOL Sorry I didnt reply sooner but someone kidnapped me! I was forced to eat lunch and then worse Shopping!! I am so traumatized!! Thank You my friend!!
  6. Its been happening more and more lately. I have to have a nerve block in a couple weeks and I cant have in anesthesia no one will drive me and and wait while I get it done. Also,thank you!
  7. You are describing almost exactly what I was feeling. Dont have the throwing up issue but I eat about 2 hours before I sleep because of the meds I take. Thank You Dana. Thank You!! I am gonna call my Dr tomorrow and see if we can figure it out.
  8. I do have panic attacks and life here living with the kids has become very hard. I did have a heart attack a little over 2 yrs ago and luckily no damage. Thank you! One question....can that develop late in life? I am 49. You wife is gonna kick your booty aging her 20 years...lol
  9. They put me on a heart monitor in the ambulance and kept it on until I left and did 2 blood draws. I had one pain pill the whole time I was there. I wasnt feeling well all day and just thought my back was acting up. But after 2 pain pills and pain kept getting worse and worse.
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