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  1. Happy Birthday Pubby. I'm not on here much anymore, but glad to see PCOM still here!!
  2. I have given a couple of dollars before here and there. I figure if it is a scam, it's only a couple of bucks, plus maybe they won't shank me and steal my wallet. You should always carry a little cash, or criminal money, as the late Freddie Prinz used to call it.
  3. I just wanted to clarify that I had the location wrong of the woman that shot her daughter by accident. It was in Winterhaven, Florida, not Atlanta. From the article: Authorities said Ruby Bing went to visit her mother and knocked at her front door while holding her 4-month-old baby. Police said Adele Bing was still upset about the argument she had with Lane and thought he was the person knocking. Investigators said Adele Bing armed herself with a baseball bat and a handgun, and as she opened the door, she fired a shot, hitting her daughter in the upper chest. The 4-month-old wa
  4. Get a second fridge and use as a beer cooler in the summer.
  5. I've heard about this. I understand they were caught in the trailer park directly behind the bank.
  6. There are way too many vehicles in America to settle for one you have questions about. The last car I bought I drove 5 hours to Savannah to get it...absolute "clean Car Fax"! After getting it, we had a minor accident in it ourselves...turns out the car had been wrecked before per the body shop. I guess there is know way of really knowing, but in your case, I think I'd walk away.
  7. It seems this is happening more and more often. I believe it was just the other day a woman in Atlanta shot and killed her daughter thinking it was her abusive boyfriend returning home. I understand "Stand Your Ground", but how does someone live with the fact they accidently took an innocent person's life. Is this the same thing as causing an automobile accident that kills another person?
  8. The men also have a forum...its called "The Tonk"
  9. This guy is about as dumb as OJ Simpson. He will eventually end up doing some hard time...probably because he deserves it.
  10. We hear talk of the tunnels of Paulding almost daily on PCOM...here is proof they are real...or at least the one under New Hope Church is real. The tunnels of Paulding located in New Hope were used by the Cherokee Indians during the indian wars and Confederate soldiers during the war between the states. Pictue and story link to the ghost sentry and the New Hope tunnel entrance
  11. Not sure about results from investigations, but usually where there is smoke there is fire. A few "claims" can be swept under the carpet as "troubles kids just trying to cause problems"...but to top the US Justice list of claims??
  12. There is just something wrong with this statement...not something Paulding should be proud of. "Earlier this year, the Paulding RYDC in Dallas topped a U.S. Department of Justice list of juvenile facilities with the highest proportion of reported claims of sexual contact between juveniles and staff." Paulding YDC To Close (AJC)
  13. Don't get impatient and lay down on your horn while sitting in paving traffic on that road..... you'll get in trouble for.... HONKIN ON BOBO!
  14. Von Haessler could only surmise why he was released. He said he noticed in recent months that "every time I tried to speak, someone else was speaking. There's no worse radio than people talking over each other so I pulled back. It got more and more difficult to find clearance to get a point across, much less the ability to have a follow up." This is absolutely true. I still tried to listen to the news jog on the way to work, but Eric could never get a word in over Larry. The Regular Guys became unfunny when Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction ruined radio! They should have moved to
  15. Marietta Daily Journal Story An Acworth student has been arrested for allowing the resource officer and assistant principle at Allatoona High to search his car on an "annyonamous tip" that he had marijuana in the vehicle. No marijuana was found, but they did find a pocket knife his grandmother gave him. Now he face a possible 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Sounds to me like this kid may have been a problem and...they finally got the little bastard!! So glad my kids are grown and I am through with the public school system.
  16. I read a book once ....well actually, it was a short story... The Monkey's Paw To this day I won't wish for money!!
  17. Actually, if you are getting popcorn that isn't all that crunchy, then it is fresh. When corn is popped in coconut oil (the good artery hardening stuff) it will soak up the oil making it seem somewhat chewy. Popcorn that is crunchy was usually popped at an earlier time and has been reheated.
  18. I agree. I have SIL that was married multiple times...she has been to the DMV five different times to renew and change to GA drivers license from her home state....still no license, they find something different for her to bring each time. She is flying back to her home state and renewing her license and tag there using her mother's address. She said to heck with a GA license, she'll just remain a permanant visitor from another state.
  19. I hope getting a voter photo ID is easier than getting a drivers license now. I feel sorry for women that have changed their names a couple of times. All the crap they have to bring with them to renew a license is crazy
  20. Our youngest graduated this past year! Other than the traffic, school can go year round for all I care! My biggest fear now is one of our children dropping off the grand-kids for us to raise...I just don't think I could do it again! "Wait!!! You kids are coming back to get them, right??!!??"
  21. I got my first chigger bite last week, but I've made it a point to stay away from the woods as much as possible. The dogs, however went galvanting in the overgrown pasture next door and came back with about 30 ticks between the three of them. Needless to say, they all got new flea/tick collars that day!
  22. Mom and Pop business owners are just smaller versions of Wal-Mart. They drive very nice automobiles, live in much bigger houses and have a condo on the beach or a cabin in the mountains (or both). They don't pay their employees all that great either...unless that employee is their own son or daughter. Blood is thicker than water, you know.
  23. Why do celebrities even bother to apologize? Stand by your words and go count your millions.
  24. Because glass slippers are made for dancing...not running down stairs!
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