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  1. I tried to talk my boss to wait to do the straw till you guys delivered but our yard owners can be a little impatient.. we started two weeks ago and in another week will would have put out 4000 bales and its only me and 3 other guys.my wife says i get up in the middle of the night and sling straw around the bed!!
  2. OK the owl one kinda creeps me out it was just staring directly at the cam and not moving just staring!! lol
  3. that stuff really works my favorite is called trap-a-crap!!!
  4. jayride

    Gym ?

    Fitness 1440 – Hiram, GA 4645 Hiram Sudie Road Suite B. Hiram, GA 30141 (678) 384-0186
  5. jayride


    thanks low.. i bought some at the place near the sheriffs office and it was crap. hopefully rick has drier wood..
  6. it is a nice place and the owner is super nice.. if you live close by stop in im sure he would let you look around i think he opens the doors at 10:00 during the week but he is usually there around 9:00
  7. jayride


    Looking for firewood for my uncles outside fireplace. He likes bigger pieces. i know everyone says rick what is his number?
  8. i think we could use a couple more car lots too!!
  9. The only reason I stepped up and volunteered to be voted in was to save everyone money. The entire board was stepping down and going to have a company start taking care of the HOA, if they took control our dues were going to triple and a lot of seniors live in my community and have fixed incomes and would not be able to afford it.. We have 15 more years before it can be disbanded. We do not allow rentals. I do agree that there is a ton of stupid rules, but they are rules and I do enforce them. It is scary that I can have a house forclosed on for not following the rules.
  10. I'm so glad that all of you don't live in my hood!! I am the president! And sick and tired of having to babysit adults!! When you buy your home you are given the HOA terms that you sign that you will abide by!!
  11. trolls!! everyone above you have been sucked into a 3 year old video that you now feel the need to comment on! You may be infected by the troll virus now that you are bashing something that has nothing to do with you! LOL
  12. A friend of mine has a couple right off cleburn. I think all of them are 750 they are 3br and I think just one bath I will pm you his number. One of them just had new hardwood and tile throughout the house and new cabinets and counter tops!
  13. im going to send a letter to Kate Micucci that if she comes to ga she needs a restraining order against you!!!
  14. there is also a place on 92.. home media services 44 Darbys Crossing Dr Hiram, GA 30141Phone number (678) 919-7374 they have done work for me super nice guys
  15. and i forgot kroger will steam crab and all their seafood for you for free and season it too!!! I'm allergic so i can not cook it for the wife and girls so i watch the sale prices and grab it for dinner when they have crab legs and shrimp cheap!!!
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