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  1. Does anyone know what happened around 4pm today? I was driving down that road and there was a man who appeared to be either passed out or deceased on the front steps. Fire rescue was in front of me. They pulled up to the house, I drove pass it and when I came back by not even three minutes later fire rescue had the road closed. Does anyone know if the man was deceased? It truly appeared that was the case.
  2. So sad!! I was at Scoggins waiting in the car rider line for my daughter when I saw all the emergancy vehicles pass by. When school was released and we pulled up on it my daughter started crying and praying for everyone's safety. All we could see was a special needs bus and my daughters heart broke into pieces. Does anyone know how it happened? I don't know if speed was a factor or not but I can say I really wish people would slow down on that road.
  3. My daughter was one of the lucky ones that was chosen to go to this. It was something she will NEVER forget!!! It was an honor she was invited. They learned so much in one week. I want to say Thank You to everyone that helped out. I want to also say Thank You to the Paulding County Sheriff's Officers that took such great care of all the children!!! My daughter is the kid that doesn't want to go to sleepovers (calls to come home every time) but she was more than excited to go with the sheriff's officers... She said "mom I will be so safe there. You have nothing to worry about because I won't b
  4. My husband is type 1 as well but the OP wasn't talking about him or you. The OP asked for help on getting insulin. I simply told them to CALL THEIR DOCTOR and ask if what my husband takes is something they could possibly take. I never claimed to know every detail in the matter. I just shared our experience with cheaper insulin.
  5. My husbands doctor is a TRUE DIABETIC specialist!!! He has been around for over 20 years. EVERY patient is different and that's why I told the OP to call their doctor to see if they could take what my husband does because it did help us and it could possibly help them as well.
  6. Lantus & Humalog is what my husband was on. The insulin walmart makes is the same as both of those. His doctor told him about the walmart insulin because at $300 a vial we couldn't afford it and he was calling in asking for samples all the time. Sometimes they didnt have samples to give out. He tried the walmart insulin and it DID work just the same as the name brands. Walmart is the only one who carries Novolin R & N ......... I pray this person finds the help they need. Medicine should not cost this much for anyone!!!!
  7. Yes it is!!! We were so thankful his doctor told us about it. This really has saved my husbands life.
  8. My husband is diabetic and his vials were also over $300. His doctor told him walmart sells their own insulin it's called Novolin R (rapid) & Novolin N (long for night). They sell for $27.99. It is truly a lifesaver!! Call your doctor and see if you can take it. You don't even need a prescription for them!!!! Please let me know if this helps.
  9. Yes!! The officer said... I had been sitting in the parking lot waiting for them to come back but I had a call on a traffic stop I had to go to. While he was with the car that was pulled over my car was broken into. He said they are trying really had to catch these guys.
  10. That's where I was parked!! We only went to get Christmas lights for our house. That's why we parked there.
  11. They do think it's related. They were trying to get the license plate off of walmarts video. Thank you for your kind words. I hope they catch them too.
  12. Walmart in Hiram around 6:30 tonight. The police were able to see it on video and are looking for two males (I have no other details on what they look like). They were driving a black car. They watched me park and go inside. Then they pulled up behind my car walked up to it. Broke my lock out of the door went all through my car and then left. It looked like they try to steal the car but couldn't so they looked to see what they could take. We had no valuables in the car. So they ended up getting nothing but they left me with a broken door lock and handle. The police told us it had been happenin
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