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  1. I've heard of this before...you don't live on Mockingbird Lane do you?
  2. Maybe she should've did a little rain dance and ruined the whole ceremony.
  3. I wonder why he had to pick her up and drive her back to his place? I would think someone advertising as a traveling bartender would have her own transportation.
  4. It would be helpful if you give an idea of the type of work you will be doing as well as what part of the county you would like to have this shop located in. Some folks may have shop that would be perfect for a lawn mower shop, but wouldn't really work for an office. The storage idea is a good one as long as you don't need public utilities.
  5. Do you use GPS? Do you still print out a map and directions to see where you are going? I have become so dependant on my GPS that I rarely print out directions anymore. I have arrived at locations and couldn't tell you name of one road that I was on. I have had friends call me to ask for the directions of how I got to a meeting place and I literaly couldn't tell them how to find me. Technology is great, but I guess its kinda like using a calculator all the time...we tend to forget how to use our brains to do simple math.
  6. I am bad about using GPS now. I drove to Okalahoma without printing or even looking at a map, just put in the address and went. Had the GPS stopped working, I would have had to try to find a store with a map in order to even know where I was. The bad thing is, when I arrived at my destination, the GPS said "arriving at destination...on left". The house was actually on my right, to the left was a 30 foot drop off
  7. This would work...or you could just put it in your GPS and go.
  8. What do you reckon the tea cups look like?
  9. My son used to play MSBL (Mens Senior Baseball League) about 6-7 years ago. I always thought it was run very well. They have teams from all over the Atlanta area, so your guys can probably find a team somewhat local. They break the league down into different age groups and it is pretty competitive with playoffs and a world series at the conclusion. Atlanta MSBL
  10. They could've just flushed his ashes down the crapper. As long as that toilet water flows into a septic tank, he would have been forever entombed.
  11. I have looked but can't find the song... "Who cut the cheese, oh man, oh man!?" I think it was a Christopher Ruud thing on 96 Rock. The other one I remember that I always thought funny... "and now I'll have my soup and salad" Anybody know where to find those???
  12. where will we tie the yellow ribbon now?
  13. If that is the case, probably won't be mentioned by the media...that is the "religion of peace" as we all know.
  14. Savannah is a beautiful city to visit, but be sure to take bug spray, the sandgnats will eat you alive!!
  15. The bidet in our house was installed in 1977 when the house was built. We installed another bidet in the new house we had built in 1987. Both houses are in Paulding County...at the time, it was believed we had the only two houses in Paulding County with bidets! We are no better off than anybody in this county....but our asses have it pretty good!!
  16. I believe politians are already starting to make gas guzzlers too expensive to own....have you seen the price at the pump lately? I know, I know, the world market dictates the price of oil....blah blah blah, heard it all before. Soon, cheap electricity will be a thing of the past as well with every coal powered plant that is shut down in order to "save the planet".
  17. There are gay softball, baseball and cheerleading coaches. What's your point?
  18. Wonder why he just didn't go to Home Depot and pick out some new fixtures?
  19. I believe you may be a Ray Stevens fan! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyoJUdagcys
  20. I heard he was dating a 40 something now. I think he just "gets around".
  21. How many school teachers have we read about over the years that have had inappropriate relations with students? It doesn’t matter whether its a male or female teacher with a student…it is illegal, as it would be for a scout master to be with a scout. Already in our society, there are gay teachers as well as gay police officers that take their jobs very seriously. I don’t hear about them taking advantage of under age children or persons in their charge, so why would a gay scout master be any different?
  22. I am glad it is there now, too much morning and afternoon school traffic trying to turn left or go straight across on that hill.
  23. I usually support the missionary position...but in this case, I don't know!
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