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  1. Are there any Mommy and me classes or programs for 10mth olds in Paulding or close by for the summer? I can't seem to find any as I am not sure exactly what to look for. Most say the child must be walking and mine is not...yet.
  2. My family will be trick or treating on the 31st. It should always be on the 31st regardless of what day it falls on.
  3. No idea. Speed limit is like 35 before you hit downtown. I was going 35 and I had a crazy female cop jump out in front of me screaming slow down. This was at 8 this morning.
  4. I tried to hand over boxes on Sunday too . Time Constraints prevented me. If there is anything I can do, just let me know.
  5. I can't contribute money, but let me know when and where I can drop off boxes and I can show up with some boxes. It is the most I can do.
  6. And people finally are starting to understand what I knew all along and have said about this virus...yeeesh.
  7. If someone can come by, I have boxes you guys can use.
  8. BULLcheeze!!!!! I have studied this for years.
  9. I knew this would happen and I told people. No one listens.
  10. Goodyear Tree and Stump Service. Inc based out of Villa Rica. These guys are seriously the best on the block and reasonably priced. If I could sing their praises higher, I would, but I can't...my voice doesn't go that high
  11. Adult clothes...after pregnancy, I know for a fact that I will never ever ever be an x-small or small again...and I am ok with that. Not to mention, I need to clean out my closet and have been meaning to do so for years.
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