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  1. Carroll County started out-sourcing the custodian jobs and they are getting poor results. I have heard stories about how indignant the custodians are to teachers when they make requests about the work needed in the rooms. One said something that couldn't be understood and walked out of the room. Many of the custodians do good work even though they are under-paid.
  2. Carson way ahead of everyone else and could get the most out of any guess or skit. Then Jimmy Fallon (can be very funny and reminds of Carson a little)and believe or not Dick Cavett (very intelligent with a sense of humor).
  3. Big honor for SPHS Band and Paulding County. Congratulations to Chris Carr (former director) and all the band students and parents that made this positive look of Paulding County be seen internationally.
  4. Smith was a good leader but had poor personnel selection. There was weaknesses in the staff but that is true with many teams. Gruden has a new contract with ESPN and Harbaugh is going to UM.
  5. When the kids are gone and you are getting older, it just seems different. The excitement, family activities, etc is gone. What do others do at this time of the year?
  6. We are looking at helping a animal protection center in our county. Is there a good one that tries to protect dogs and cats that needs help?
  7. I need a good place to get a small truck cleaned good and detailed. Any suggestions in Paulding County?
  8. Getting older=memories go=body goes=but more health bills=planning for funeral. Something to look forward to if I make it that far.
  9. What if you and your wife are in a downtown restaurant and a group of thugs throw a brick through the restaurant window. You have a carry permit and pull your gun out to protect yourself. If it escalates, is what you do justified or should you prepare for a beating? Crime, vandalism, civic disorder is not "justice". They should be punished and not catered to.
  10. I heard a story that Eric Holder's office leaked the decision to the Washington Post so they had to rush and get it out there first.
  11. Taking in to account the cost of living, some locations are prohibitive. The west coast has a high cost of living as well as the New York area. If I was rich with too much money, I would have an apartment in a nice section of New York City, a house on the Maine coast, a cabin in north Georgia and maybe a small beach house in the Sarasota, Fl area. Dreams are a good thing.
  12. It is important to have a source to find answers to questions. Every student does not have a laptop in class. The books may provide a readings source for the students.
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