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  1. Anyone know whats going in the Old Arbys building in Dallas? They painted it a ugly red and the sign says( Not a Krispy Kream)
  2. I have a 18 year old daughter who started to drive for the first time at 17 years old. I was as chill as a cucumber...My wife was asking why im not all stressed over it. This is what I told her... As a Christian you have to learn to trust the Lord..Put it in his hands and let it go. That's what faith is all about.
  3. This is nowhere near the old BP station. That was on the corner.
  4. Does anyone know whats going on in front of K Mart in Hiram? They are tearing up the asphalt in part of the parking lot. Its all fenced off.
  5. rawhide


    I think the bakery has the right to refuse a sale. Its his bakery..If he don't like red heads he has a right to refuse a sale. If that mentality cost him his business then so be it. That's what makes America a great place to live. When I stop by a store or any business that I recognize at a black owned business. I always ask if its ok for me to shop here. I do this as I understand that im a white man. I have had a barber shop tell me they don't give service to white people. I don't get mad I apologize and go down the road. Its the right.
  6. And we want the government to be charge of our health care?? I havent seen anything that would make me feel comfortable with that. How long would it take to set up an appointment with a doctor?
  7. You hit the nail right on the head....I take several medicines that are made out of the country and I buy them right here in paulding county. I would think twice about buying from Canada RX.
  8. I live very close to the airport...I say bring on the Jets...I used to live at the Fulton County Airport when I was a child and loved to see and hear the Jets come over.
  9. Yes if Metro buys it then it is theres. Just like it you buy a store it is yours. I have a close friend that works for them that how I know.
  10. When I was a kid I dident like John Denver. Now I love John Denver songs. His songs have a feel about them that hard to describe.
  11. Sam is only selling the ambulance portion of his business. He will continue to operate the funeral home as he does now. Metro Ambulance has bought the ambulance service. The ambulance service has been losing money for quiet a while.
  12. Hickory Hut has good BBQ but everything they have is good!!!!! There chili Dogs are excellent. I also like the dressed chili burger. As long as I can remember they have always had the bottles of squeeze butter on the table. Squeeze some butter over those big steak fries and thats some good eating.Dont forget the coke with there crushed ice. They also have some good fried apple and peach pies.
  13. My vote has to go to''Hickory Hut" in Dallas. Then "Jim & Nicks" Hiram. You just cant beat the BBQ that William serves at the Hickory Hut. Not mention the Chili Dogs and the big steak fries.
  14. Where is a good place to get your oil changed that dont charge a arm and a leg.
  15. There smart phones operate off of Sprint. Basic phones use att or verizon. My daughter has the smart phone
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