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  1. Next time an armed person threatens you or your family please don't call the horrible/racist/homophobe/violent police. Just make a video. It will valuable at the trial of your killer.
  2. Only a liberal can dwell on the negatives of apprehending a serial killer.
  3. Beavers have cost me at least half of what I own my whole life.
  4. While the concerned liberals of Paulding county are so concerned over the Nazi's rallying in Newnan the same Nazi's were staging and rallying right under their noses. I ran into them twice over the weekend right up the road from the house. After talking to about a dozen of them I confirmed what I thought. The majority are from the north and mid west and they are all dumb as a box of rocks. They are far more anti Jew than anti minority although they are equal opportunity haters. I purposely made sure I saw them before they left for the rally on Saturday to mingle around them and show they were
  5. I always liked this great matriarch of the Bush family. She was humorous, kind, maternal and smart. But don't let that fool you she was Texas tough and could hold her own with anyone. I believe she was one of the greatest first ladies in the history of the country. It is said that behind every great man there is a great woman. She was married to a president, mother to a president and mother to a governor of a very important state politically. I think that speaks volumes about her character. May God send his comforting Angels to the Bush family.
  6. Mr. Austin I would agree with the posters who say your permanent address is Paulding. You may want to contact the Post Office or the courts to affirm this. Best of luck to you and your wife.
  7. I have some friends that live in London and they want to relocate ASAP. They tell me horror stories about the huge influx of Muslims into that city. They are Nigerian missionaries (yes to some of your surprise Stonewall has black friends) and have also lived in Bulgaria. They visited the states last year and really want to relocate here but their daughters want to finish school in GB. She is a doctor and he has a masters in music.
  8. When Gov. Cagle takes office I predict more strong economic growth for the state much like the term of Gov. Deal.
  9. Stonewall


    Run, do not reply or open, guaranteed scam.
  10. Don't participate anymore but always real.
  11. Bought 750 more rounds yesterday. I love this country.
  12. The probability of these kids having these same beliefs/leanings when they are an "active" major block of the voting electorate is probably smaller than you think. Bob Dylan says he does not even recognize the guy who wrote "Blowing in the Wind". My political beliefs have changed drastically since I was eighteen. So the veiled threats of the times they are a changing aimed at conservatives may take a lot longer than you leftists think.
  13. Maryland- Brady Campaign score:45- 7th toughest gun laws in US
  14. A tragic story. Tripp you were very brave a real super hero. RIP tough guy.
  15. There will be no change in federal gun laws with the exception of possible State bans on certain high capacity weapons and the legal age to purchase them. Most of these kids can't make a grilled cheese sandwich much less have any idea about passive social change. I support their right to demonstrate I only wish they knew what they were demonstrating against. It was a social media event, nothing more.
  16. He did not get tackled because he jay walked, even though apparently he had already been warned. He got tackled because he ran that "pie hole" and eluded officers. Don't ask for an ass kicking and you probably won't get one. By the way by jay walking was he impeding traffic or causing a possible pedestrian accident? If he had of been hit illegally walking in the street the uproar from the activists would be deafening. Some one could lose their job (commercial vehicle) or be charged with vehicular homicide because ass hat did not have to follow the laws everyone else does. Put a little Neospori
  17. I live for daylight savings time (I guess that's the one we are switching to this weekend?). Being a contractor and having a small farm I need the extra daylight. If they keep one keep the spring one. I hate the short Winter days it makes everything tougher.
  18. RM here is the issue as I see it. I do not trust the government to ban any constitutional right at any level. SCOTUS has ruled that gun ownership is a Constitutional Right (Scalia wrote the opinion). I will meet half way and show I am trying to be objective by stating I am not really sure any citizen needs an "assault rifle" (military style semi-auto M4, AR, AK, etc.). In full disclosure I will state I may or may not have access to these very weapons. I am also OK with an age restriction on certain firearms (21 yo). My quandary is if the government starts with these rifles where will they stop
  19. My point is that it is old news. Dick's reacted to Sandy Hook the same way. Their "moral" stand had exactly zero effect on gun sales. The mainstream media is extremely left leaning and bias. Other parts of the media are right winged biased but the old school networks are absolutely leftists spin doctors. The left makes up the majority of the anti-gun bunch so yes it is a left vs. right thing.
  20. Fake News. Dick's has not sold "assault rifles" since Sandy Hook six years ago. Field & Stream an affiliate of Dick's will no longer sell "assault rifles". Typical leftist spin.
  21. I don't know the answer but they hired my sorry ass BIL and he is not qualified to pour piss out of a boot. He literally does not know a hammer from a bulldozer. He has been employed there about 18 months and has been out for one reason or another about 14 of those months with no repercussion at all from HR. I guess I am wrong but when they hired him and worse yet continued to employ him I thought they must hire anyone with a pulse. I actually avoid HD whenever possible just knowing they have him as an employee.
  22. I would prefer GM and Daimler-Chrysler running their businesses more efficiently and not using my tax dollars to bail them out. You know like Ford, Honda, Toyota,etc.
  23. I have known Brother Wayne since the early 90's. He and his family are salt of the earth good people. I knew his father, mother and whole family from Crossroads FG Church. Wayne had a huge giving heart and has helped many families over the years. He always visited the sick and elderly. He was a man of God and practiced what others sometimes only preach. My prayers are with Brenda, Tim and Waymon at this time of loss. No doubt Heaven has gained another angel.
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