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  1. Good Music.Dogs. Fishing. Cold Beer.
  2. Surprised a little by Pownall, expected Brian to smoke Tony, glad Paulette is out, surprised by Kemp trouncing Cagle. I really have no idea how to predict current politics. I used to have a finger on the pulse pretty good but now I cannot find a pulse at all. I still cannot believe DJT got elected even though I voted for him in the general election. It seems the more ridiculous you act avoiding any substance the better your chances. Pretty obvious proof of the dumbing down of America.
  3. What a moron. He has already lost his seat in the primary. Good riddance.
  4. I give to multiple organizations through business and personal contributions. I will have to agree with the naysayers on this one. I have no children in the school system and I pay very high percentage property taxes to fund public schools. Spend this money properly on the kids/teachers and not the facilities/fields/beautification/subsidies/administration perks, etc. I admit I am not sure exactly where the money goes but properly managed there should be enough to go around for basic materials. Also if you want to donate by all means do that is your prerogative but this is one I think I contri
  5. CFA in Cartersville is doing the same. They razed the old building and are building a new expanded location like Douglasville. As far as accommodating employees they are trying to do the best they can to hold on to employees but it is challenging. There is no guarantee to a forty hour work week in the constitution like may on the left seem to think. Businesses must make money or they do not stay in business. Over all CFA is an outstanding company.
  6. Another great choice by the POTUS. I fear the conformation will be tough based on social issues especially Roe v Wade. It is a sad fact but regardless of his qualifications some members of congress will not be able to get past the fact he is Catholic and most likely strong pro-life. The POTUS needs to back off the rhetoric about over turning R v Wade and concentrate on actually helping the nominee getting confirmed not being a road block. By the way the likely hood of reversing R v W is slim.
  7. Here is the tragedy and one more sign the world is going to hell. The State of Georgia had to make a law ( a freaking law) because people are so damn dumb and self centered they cannot go to damn McDonalds without getting on a GD cell phone. I hope they write 100,000 tickets this week end. How has mankind survived tens of thousands of years without cell service? It is truly a mystery.
  8. She was a beautiful creature full of love and loved by millions. Her "humanity" makes me ashamed of humans sometimes. RIP and thanks big girl.
  9. While I have nothing against solar power. In fact I have made pretty good money off of solar sites from time to time. There are still drawbacks to solar at this time. The footprint for 676 MW is roughly 3400 acres so you are talking about rural areas and often the consumption of farm lands to allow for all the arrays required. The biggest issue is power storage or battery technology. While storage has gotten better and will continue to improve the technology is not there yet and won't be in the near future. Storage currently adds to the footprint by about two acres per MW so add 1350 acres plu
  10. Dallas is the reason Hiram exist as we know it. Dallas and the county would not allow alcohol by the drink in the 80's and early 90's. Hiram said come on in build here and we will work with you. Tyree Rakestraw sold the land where HD and the surrounding businesses are and the rest is history. Dallas is the county seat with a cool little downtown and by all rights should have boomed before Hiram. By the way all you Lanzo haters (well Pubby anyway) the first beer by the drink in the "county" that I know of in recent history was forced by Patrick. He played the BOC like a drum.
  11. This is off subject but I think this thread is a good example of most all threads on here. Apparently every damn thing about this country sucks if you are a liberal. We should not be a sovereign nation with immigration laws. The justice system sucks. LEO suck. POTUS sucks. SCOTUS sucks. Conservatives suck. Child services suck. Corporations suck. Free enterprise sucks. Religion sucks. Heterosexuals suck. White men suck. Southerners suck. Morality sucks. Environment sucks. Daylight savings time sucks. Fossil fuels suck. Traffic sucks. Patriotism sucks. Military sucks. You must really be some mis
  12. Texting while driving. Actually texting in general is a close second.
  13. I am sad he went to this extreme but honestly I have no idea who this guy is.
  14. Agree with the ruling 100%. I have always said you cannot violate an individuals rights using the protection some ones else's rights as an excuse. Big win for common sense and private business rights.
  15. OK call me what you want. Every time I see SA I think "Hercules, Hercules". Not saying it is right but that is just the way it is.
  16. I have seen Caleb several times around town and at Milltown in Bremen. He is talented and has a good personality. He needs a good songwriter and a good producer. He writes some now and hopefully will get better with time. With the right songs he can be around a long time. I do not like the production on his new song. Too slick, too clean and too "Bro" country. It will probably be a hit but not my style personally. He has a good voice and can play well.
  17. Interesting. Pownall will win the run off. I have known Brian since he was a child and he may just win the run off against Crowe. Apparently Vernon had some negatives he could not over come. I agree with the post to eliminate Ms. Rakestraw. We will see.
  18. I have seen this on the news. This is the most appalling case of malpractice I have ever seen. This so called doctor should not only be shut down but also arrested. She is a dermatologist (used loosely) not a plastic surgeon. It really angers me that she has a license and the sorry ass licensing board has been dragging its governmental feet since 2016 "investigating" her with no results.
  19. Actually the crowd was smaller and left earlier than usual although it was fairly well attended. I believe Mother's Day plans may have diminished the turnout some what. The tent I worked raised about $1,400.00 at final count.
  20. All the employees involved should be terminated regardless of race or gender. Not a political call but a business call.
  21. I don't think you have to worry about that. I however will stay at home. Best of luck to Caleb.
  22. PSA- Relay for Life is tonight at the courthouse. My wife is already there and I am heading out as soon as I feed the livestock. Your welcome to the management on this site for this PSA since apparently political bashing is way more important that the fight against Cancer.
  23. Blah, blah, blah, blah. I have already voted for Pownall and I think you will find the west side of the county has done the same.
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