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  1. Both my husband and I had always worked together as a team effort and it’s really been that way for years and years. Now that both of us have some age on us we realize how much we appreciate each other and what a great ride it’s been because of both of our efforts. Neither one of us is more important than the other because both of us together is pretty incredible!
  2. I’m here......barely me.........but here. Having a feast later on with my wonderful husband. Happy Super Bowl everyone!
  3. I’m here too. Just not as much as I used to be.
  4. I live in the same area and I will keep my eye out.
  5. You know I’ve always read that low income families suffer from all the known side effects from eating badly so this is really a great, beneficial program which is readily available to the folks that really need it.
  6. Heck Cape, I don’t know. Guess I’m not really THAT cool. I can’t even use my emojis! I just wondered if you knew about the screaming thingy.
  7. Cape, I’m sure you know this already but most people are screaming when they type in all caps. You said that you did it because you’re not real keen on typing but I wasn’t sure that anyone had given you the 411* on the ALL CAPS thing. * See? I’m cool ‘cause I used the 411 thing
  8. If I were to walk from the house to the mailbox, I’d pass out!!
  9. I could not agree more BUT this is how I’m hoping it will play out. Once the few that are actually promoting hate leave or are forced to leave, and perhaps with the threat of the personal attacks and bullying gone, the reasonable, community focused folks will come back. While it has been posted that the left minded folks are the reason that folks left the site, I don’t believe that at all. While I’m sure there are a few that left because of personal axes to grind with certain others I don’t believe that is the majority. I think the personal insults and completely unnecessary bullying is
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