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  1. There can be no conversation about the evangelical movement without Billy Graham being front and center. I remember watching him on my grandmother's black and white RCA TV in the late 60's. She never missed a televised crusade. Welcome home my good and faithful servant. RIP.
  2. Agree with the coverage. Try NBCSN as opposed to network NBC. While the hosts are no better they do cover a lot more competition and less filler BS.
  3. King Jerry gets another tax payer funded job partially to address the freaking traffic nightmare he caused by allowing good ole boy developers to run amock with no long term plans in the 90's early 00's. Does this sound about right?
  4. Being a conservative I fully agree. This thread contains some of the most ignorant descriptions of conservatism I have ever read. It has opened my eyes to the fact that the leftists are truly brain washed sheep. I usually laugh off the image of a liberal as being so far out of touch and a little loony but if these folks are serious they really need help in distinguishing between delusion and reality.
  5. These anchor baby tactics have been used for years by illegals. Find a willing American partner, impregnate (continuously), hide behind the children to stay in the country. A very proven tactic. Began noticing it personally about twenty years ago. Seems to be coming home to roost. Call my observation racist, narrow minded, bigoted or whatever moniker you wish but that does not make it untrue.
  6. Yes I watch quite a bit of it. I like the Olympics because of the "Pride in America" factor.
  7. Dude I totally agree. Unfortunately the uneducated have out bred the educated.
  8. I did not notice them. Of course I go to bed around 8. Possibly National Guard touch and goes at the airport?
  9. Probably the most unlikely concert I ever went to. I saw ND live at the Omni in 77 or 78. I got two tickets from my mom who could not go and me and my best friend went. I was only 17 y.o. but had a great deal of respect for the showman I was seeing. He performed in the round ( actually square) which was very new at that time but since has become the norm for really big acts.
  10. I received a request for a bid on a Captain D's in Rockmart. Rockmart starting to remind me a little of Hiram 15 years ago as far as growth goes. Not on as large a scale but things have been stagnant there for years. Wally World usually sparks growth but it took time in Rockmart. Maybe partially due to the 2008 bubble burst.
  11. Who said there is any pork in a McRib?
  12. I think the whole twitter thing is beneath the office of POTUS and quite frankly a foolish gesture from a foolish man. I get the whole na- nanny boo boo look at what I can do mentality but it seems very immature and childish to me. I too believe it is a game to get inside the heads of the opposition and seems to work quite well. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. It is a question of honor and class. I did vote for him because I would never vote for the Hildabeast, I did not vote for him because I thought he was qualified or deserving of the the job.
  13. I hate to see anyone close. A coffee shop has a limited selection of products aimed at a limited number of consumers. I don't think NG has the customer base for a non-drive thru specialty shop at this time. Of course I don't drink coffee. JMO.
  14. GreyStone nor any of the other co-op's publish or distribute this magazine. It is published/distributed by GEMC. You can probably contact Georgia Electrical Membership Corporation home office in Smarr,GA. and request copies. Or at georgiamagazine.org
  15. Poke salad is a summer staple in my family. We have eaten it my whole life and not lost a family member yet. It is probably my favorite green next to maybe collards. My grandmother raised six kids during the depression and had to feed them the best she could. She learned to make anything taste good because that's all they had to eat. She was the best southern cook I have ever sat down at a table with. That's where my mother learned to cook Poke and I learned from my mother. As for the rest of the foods on the list I do not eat organ meat (liver, heart, brain, gizzard, tripe, etc.) of any kind.
  16. IKEA sells some really poor quality furnishings/fixtures in my very limited experience with them.
  17. Thank goodness did not lose power here. GreyStone has 26,000 outages. My wife is on standby. Linemen been out all night.
  18. I must be in a twilight zone. Everything I have ordered in the last two weeks has arrived on time or ahead of time. USPS and UPS.
  19. These people deserve what they get. The city is poorly run with crumbling infrastructure, manpower shortages in public safety, highly subsidized low quality rapid transit, gang issues, homeless issues, traffic issues, high taxes, crime issues, deep nepotism based on race and absolute corruption across the board. HJ Airport is the epicenter of corruption in the Southeast. No different than the extortion rackets of La Cosa Nostra. I know first hand what I am talking about on this subject.
  20. I am not blaming women for violent acts perpetrated by men but can some female point of view please answer the question. Why are some women so damn stupid when it comes to relationships with loser men? You see it over and over again. There was a story on the news tonight about the physical abuse of a 13 yo girl by the step father with the mother aware of the abuse. Is it low self esteem, stupidity, selfishness, lack of morals, inability to be self sufficient? I really don't get it. If it were my child and you touched them (other than a acceptable butt spank if appropriate age and cause) Ole St
  21. I do not know how much I should say at this time but the deceased is M. Smith he is related to the suspect and this is domestic.
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