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  1. Finally a school that got it right. Doing what was suggested will maybe disarm that child that was on the edge,making them believe maybe it isn't as bad as I thought.
  2. Kids you are demonstrating against a symptom, not the cause. If you want to do something about the shootings. . that kid eating by their self or sitting alone, go up say hi and start a casual conversation. . That person that you have been bullying physically or verbally, apologize and give them a hug, . the person you have been excluding from activities, invite them in. , Use of your time to do the above will do more than a demonstration for whatever. I honestly believe this will do more to stop these horrific acts upon our kids.
  3. it won' happen today ,I believe neither product is around any more. Put on your glasses before reaching for the Brylcream laying next to the Gleem toothpaste. Pick up your sweetie and keep smelling toothpaste all evening.
  4. I drove by the old Ryan's and it now has a sign on it "Hiram Beauty Supply". I lost $10 because I bet it would become a church or some kind of religious facility.
  5. I have used skyline. they have were responsive and competent. 770 439 3407.
  6. I like beef liver and onions maybe once a month. Can not stand chicken livers but I do like gizzards.
  7. always preferred del taco over taco bell. hated when the one in Dallas closed
  8. fake. 12-15 yrs ago we always had real and then one year we had a tree that was so dried out a week and half before xmas, I was afraid to even turn on the lights
  9. that lady I will miss! I have " records" of hers I just sit and listen too and mellow out.
  10. with a slight wink: think how bad it would be if they didn't have such restrictive gun laws.
  11. I am sure it came up about the ultimate sacrifice just not in context that this representative and some of the so called news channels. I know myself that on my 2nd trip to nam that I told my wife of 3 years that there was a chance of being killed. I said i was aware when I signed up of that possibility ,please don't put the blame on anyone or anything because I volunteered and if called I would do it again.
  12. give me a good homemade biscuit with sausage patty,egg and I am in seventh heaven. I am ready for the day.
  13. Normally if I do not recognize a phone number I will not pick up the phone. I was waiting for a call from an exterminator. The phone rang and i picked it up. I was asked if "I could hear her". As I was hanging up the phone I uttered "yeh". A microsecond later, I thought what did i just agree to. I called the phone number(770-443-6936) and was informed that number was not in use.
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