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  1. I give to plenty of charities during the year and do not mind helping others at all. I must admit I do not like the practice of teaching children to beg for money. If they are having a car wash, selling donuts or anything where they are earning their money or providing a product I will participate. Standing in traffic and begging or yelling and being cute do not qualify as earning to me. No wonder we are becoming a country of lazy entitlement minded people. And by the way I do like kids and I do support youth sports.
  2. If you wear your Local 81 shirt around an Outlaw you will get your ass beat.
  3. Stonewall


    EMP Trailer Parts-Larry East , Harmony Road in South Paulding, 770-459-4824. Family owned, great people.
  4. I would be more embarressed about being a narcissistic bike riding personal injury lawyer than about being over weight. "One call thats all".
  5. Blank needs to take the stadium money and beg Tony G to come back give him a blank check. He is without a peer at his position. I will say it, the best that has ever played at that position. Matty Ice way to go. Defense, fire the DC and trade them all. Start over there is not one player I would not let go. I am a Falcons fan but enough is enough they have never had a defense worthy of playing in the NFL.
  6. Remembered the name. Enoch one of the generations of Adam from Genesis. Enoch did not die a natural human death but seemed to be elevated into heaven without dieing. I believe the coaltion was the sleestak Enoch could not die naturally. I know who cares right.
  7. OK I will show what a goon I really am. I have a very good friend who I nick named sleestak about 25 years ago and the name stuck. There are probably 30 people we interact with who call him sleestak to this day. He is 6' 2'' with a size 13 foot, hand dexterity like two bricks at the end of his arms, slow and clumsy as hell. The smart sleestak had a prophetic biblical name but I can't pin it down right now ( Elijah maybe?)
  8. In the spirit of full disclosure I am pro gun ownership and own quite a few myself. Until fairly recently I also thought no private citizen needs a gun that holds 30+ rounds or fires at a rate of 100+ rounds per minute. I have since reconsidered. If a criminal, thug, punk, maniac or whatever terminology you want to use attacks me or some one I can help defend with a firearm capable of producing this much fire power I want to return fire with equal or greater fire power. In other words I don't want to come to a gun fight with a sharp stick. Regarding the back and forth debate in this thread, Pu
  9. Understand the "artsy" angle. Do not find them offensive or provocative. Do not find them very interesting or really that well done. Actually the "shock effect" of the smoking takes away from what may have been some pretty interesting photos of some expressive subjects. JMHO.
  10. Jerry was my father in law. I want to state that up front to add full disclosure to what I am about to say. I knew Jerry for over 30 years and he was my friend from day one until last night when he left us. He was a very religious man and he walked the walk not just talked the talk. When he was healthy he had a tent ministry and supported missionaries in Bulgaria even going there twice to live with the missionaries in the field. He also helped found two different churchs in Paulding County. He was an heating & air contractor and countless cold nights and scorching days even when he was sic
  11. Anyone who thought ND was a Top 10 team got suckered into the same media bias we see in politics. ND, Michigan, VT, "The U", USC are just a few teams who get ranked way too high every year and generally fall like a ton of bricks if they play anybody with any talent. I am not saying that they all have not had some good seasons but they are consistanly ranked too high, ND being the biggest example. There are probably 6-8 SEC teams that could thump ND and one sure did prove that last night. JMO.
  12. Has anyone thought RG3 might have told the coach he wanted to play? While admittedly the coach could have said no and RG3 may not understand "franchise player" in his rookie season he may just be that competitive and self sacrificing. Don't know just playing devils advocate. GO FALCONS.
  13. My grandparents had one gun a .32 S&W 1932 revolver but at our house there were lots of shotguns and hand guns. Growing up with two brothers I had a pellet rifle at 8-10 years old, a .22 at 12 years old and by 16 I had a Winchester 1300 12 gauge, .35 Marlin, .308 Remington 742 and a S&W .357 magnum.
  14. Not to be redundant but I do a lot of contract work at a hospital in an adjoining county and we are required to either get a flu shot or wear a mask if we wish to do business there during flu season. They are a privately owned business (actually traded publicly) and that is the rule if we want to do business with them. No debate, no options. I have the right to refuse if I do not want to do business with them. They are a spectacular customer so I got the shot last year and this year with no side effects. Not that big a deal JMHO.
  15. Thank you all. I hope will be around for a long time and can contribute from time to time. By the way NC-17, they are spectacular.
  16. Hello everyone I am a "Newbie" and wanted to introduce myself properly. Hope the New Year finds everyone in good health and managing these difficult times with fortitude and hope.
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