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  1. Antivitarte wins! Apparently the absolutely annoying robo calls were for zilch. What a waste of funds and an intrusion of privacy. Of course certain political parties don't seem to mind wasting funds as long as someone else foots the bill like taxpayers for instance.
  2. Pubby your robo calls are just annoying. No big surprise there. I blocked them. Your candidate is going to lose by the way.
  3. Keith Mitchell- 770-364-4403 The best. I don't know how busy he is though.
  4. I would support a program to move people out of the county. Quality of life should not be measured by your tax bill or pocketbook. Tax rates could go down if we were not supporting all these school needs brought on by higher population. Most of the main roads are state maintained anyway and I won't even try to act like police and fire are up to par regardless of tax rates. We do have an empty airport in the middle of the woods though. I am a small businessman and I personally see no advantage to more people. JMO.
  5. We went to church with Jessie at Dallas Church of God in the late 80's early 90's. We even visited her at Grady during one of her episodes. We have broken bread with her numerous times and she blessed us with her friendship. I have seen the holy ghost power of the lord all over this woman. She was mentally ill, poor and far from perfect but full of love for the lord and people. I do not know her from standing on the road with her tambourine. I was lucky enough to know her much better. She knew all my wife's family and myself by name. You are right don't judge so that you be not judged.
  6. I was a big fan of Craftsman tools and Kenmore appliances back in the day. The last time I went in Sears at AP the customer service was so bad I left my items on the counter and walked out. The albatross of the K-Mart brand and failure to adjust with the times was probably the beginning of the end. K-Mart had degenerated into dirty low class bargain stores by time Sears bought them. Rich's and Sears were the first department stores I remember as a kid. I had an aunt who passed away in the early eighties that retired from Sears on Ponce with a very good retirement plan for that time period. I b
  7. Braves game was a nail biter very exciting ending. Hopefully the mojo will carry on today. Falcons are awful, have always been awful. King Arthur says he is not even considering a coaching change. Have not gotten into Atlanta United yet even though I played varsity high school and rec soccer. They seem to be a winning franchise so good luck to them. Go Braves, Go Dawgs, Go Atlanta United, whatever Falcons.
  8. GreyStone won the prestigious JD Powers award this year for outstanding business practice. They are true stewards of their members money and one of the best EMC's with one the lowest rates in the nation . I am not on GS lines unfortunately but I do have personal interest in GS Power as a disclaimer. That does not change the numbers.
  9. OK, I have been keeping my opinions to myself for pc reasons (especially on the new PCom). Both of these officers (the handler and the shooter) are incompetent. Before you ban me listen to my view. The handler should have been experienced enough to never leave an opening for the K-9 to escape (open kennel, open window?). The officer who shot him is incompetent and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. From his perspective, I am on site, I have seen the K-9 many times, I know the K-9 is on site (even though I don't know he is deployed), I am tackled by a black Belgian Malinois, I am going from
  10. Honda Pilot. Manufactured in USA. We are on our second one. Sold first one at 258k miles still running today.
  11. Me thinks thou doest protest too much deputy.
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