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  1. My favorite cousin succumbed to liver cancer last Friday night. He was a good man. Honorable, funny, hard working, honest, family man, married fifty years and Marine Class of 69 Vietnam. I can honestly and proudly say I never knew anyone who had anything bad to say about him. He was a hero of mine and I will miss him dearly. Please pray for his wife, mother and son they are lost without him. Semper Fi Cuz.
  2. I put out a feeder last week. Yesterday at least one male was back. Good to see my little friends back from their winter travels.
  3. In high school. Tragic incident. The radar avionics on the DC 9 of that era left something to be desired. Supposedly the crew headed for what they thought was a break in a squall line and actually flew into the worst part of the storm. They possibly could have made Polk County (Cedartown), Cartersville or even Dobbins if they had not turned west away from Dobbins and then flown east past Polk county. Polk and Cartersville runways were short but better than a state highway. Not blaming the crew they flew gallantly until the end and put in down on the centerline. Stupid damn gas station too clos
  4. Stonewall

    I am sad

    Do not repeat his name three times in a row or he may appear.
  5. I had no idea they were open 24hrs. As a rule I shop before midnight.
  6. Watch them almost every Sunday. Will not be the same without him. I also miss Bill Shipp. I loved the dynamic of conflicting view points without total hatred being spewed like many of the mainstream shows. The focus on local topics is always of interest to me. The reason was given as health issues and he has looked weak for a year or so now. I wish him the very best and he will be missed.
  7. Stonewall

    I am sad

    The owner seems to think the mindless rantings of three leftists lunatics in particular had no effect on the downfall of this site. The constant stream of unnecessary vile posts from these three often making no point whatsoever with little or no consequences from the moderators got old to many members. The owner himself seems to turn every post into some kind of demented jihad against anything considered even slightly conservative. Other forms of social media may be available. I don't do FB nor does any of my friends or family so that is not the primary reason for the lack of discussion on her
  8. The original intent of my post was to inform the members of a windfall for the county not ask for a manifesto of the evils of conservatism. I was naïve enough to think it might actually start a productive conversation that might pick up traffic on this site. The owner once again proves his true twisted hatred for anything that does not fit the manifesto of utopian socialism. Not everyone wants to hear the politics behind every damn subject they post. Give it a rest Castro your dog and pony act is getting old and you are the only one who gives a damn about your thoughts and political beliefs.
  9. The State of Georgia senate approved $35 million for the new aviation academy at whatever they call the Paulding Airport. I am anti-airport and always have been but I do believe this is a step in the right direction to help release the albatross from taxpayers necks.
  10. Yep saw and heard. Must be the weekend warriors burning fuel. Looked like three low flying Blackhawks. Of course the pro airport bunch want this and much more everyday. Especially the ones not effected by it. They do fly low and they are loud. If you complain they will say they filed a flight plan over the least populated areas they could. They could fly a little higher this is not Mosul.
  11. This is very easily answered, power. The Dems want a lower class totally dependent on government who in the long run will vote for the hand that feeds them with your tax money. Love of country, security or cost does not enter into the equation. Make no mistake though it is not just the Dems. DJT had a "friendly" congress for two years and could not get the "art of the deal" done. Congress in general wants cheap labor and or dependent lower classes. The only difference is the Dems are so damn hypocritical. The leadership don't give a rats rear about poor migrants. The only ones they come in c
  12. While historically inaccurate in several lines it is kind of strange how a Canadian (Robbie Roberson) wrote this song with the introspect of a southerner during the war for southern independence. Of course Levon Helm (Arkansas) delivers the great vocal and probably contributed to the lyrics. I am a big fan of The Band. EZ mentioned Elton and it took me years to realize Rocketman was "burning out his fuse up here alone". I had no idea what he was saying.
  13. May God send his comforting angels to you and your family. I am sure she was a marvelous lady.
  14. Been to Terry's, been to Murph's (went to school with Ray Murphy Jr.), been to Chief's. Are you talking about Mama's West on Austell Road? Later to become Rainbow Music Hall? Originally Crescent Park? If so yes if not no to Dolly's and the rest.
  15. Pork roast, black eyed peas, turnip greens, glazed carrots, cornbread.
  16. Jason Matthews- 404-569-7467 Keith Woods- 770-684-2000 GD's explanation is accurate. If you cannot understand the explanation (most people outside the trades can't) these two guys are honest and good. Hope that helps.
  17. Trench collapses are very dangerous and result in multiple deaths every year. You can bet OSHA will soon be on site. Many hours of training are spent on trench safety every year in the construction industry. It only takes a trench depth of 36" or so to be deadly under the right circumstances. Hope everyone is OK.
  18. It is no big secret I like beer. I am still of the opinion if you can't wait until 12:30 pm on Sunday of all days to get a drink you have a problem. I know this is just a business oriented thing but the South of my youth is disappearing. The Bible Belt is where I was raised and I don't think it needs fixing by Yankees, carpetbaggers, scalawags or drunks. This is my opinion you are all welcome to yours. Oh yeah I voted NO in case you are wondering.
  19. Yes. The traffic around Paulding and West Georgia in general has quadrupled in twenty years. Hiram being the most noticeable. I rarely go into Hiram and go of of my way to bypass it most of the time. Douglasville is just as bad and I have not been to the Barrett Parkway corridor in years. I order everything online and have it delivered to my door step.
  20. Most of the Dracula movies starting with Nosfaratu from the silent film days. I am not much on the cheeky vampire movies but the ones meant to be serious are pretty good. Of course Frankenstein with Korloff is great. Sir Laughton as Quasimoto and Chaney as the wolfman are a good bet. Not much on any modern ones to much gratuitous violence and special effects takes away from the story and cinematography. Sorry for the spelling I don't use these names everyday.
  21. This guy was a very evil dude. He had it coming a long time. He was a murderer and a snitch playing both sides of the law. It is amazing he lasted this long.
  22. Did not read the article but I would be elated if I was banned from Pittsburgh.
  23. Politics and drama queens aside from an investigative view a couple of things will be determined in the near future. These packages are crude and the bombs are poorly designed and constructed. Why would you use timers on a contact device? The timers either are non functional or just a really bad design by an amateur or someone posing as an amateur. All packages and components are intact yielding tons of forensic clues. Again amateur or diversion? Either someone will be caught soon or if it is a "hoax" and the items have been "cleaned" of evidence. If cleaned to that degree it is either a very
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