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  1. I am not impressed with either candidate. I have already voted based on my ideals not social media. I will not vote for a tax and spend liberal under any circumstances. I held my nose when I voted for our current governor twice and I think he has done a very good job. I hope my choice which was just as hard to swallow fairs as well. By the way most of the utopian agenda of one candidate would have to get through the GA congress. Good luck on that one.
  2. Buy a sprayer, Clorox green, safety glasses, mix 2:1 with water, spray all effected areas, repeat until clear of mold, put down a layer of lime cover with a layer of plastic, fix any leaks, keep an eye on it. Clorox will kill cancer. This fix cost about 100 bucks and some effort. Or call a contractor but get out the check book.
  3. Lorazepam or Vodka? What is your guess?
  4. I voted today at the courthouse. There was a decent crowd around 10:00 with a short wait for a machine. Which ever party/affiliation/platform you vote for please vote. If you don't you have no right to bitch. You may want to look at a sample ballot there were some issues/amendments on the end of the ballot that I was not aware of.
  5. OK RM if I knew I was being graded I would have said post instead of article. My point is still 100% correct. Please don't nit pick so much it really seems like misdirection from the subject. Thanks for your input and yes I know a lot of liberals who donate/contribute to environmental causes it was not my intent to exclude them from my original post. Now can we be friends again? CC I was not offended but there are two sides and the environment is very important to me. It is a very important subject and should not be taken likely. Please understand that conservatives don't eat their young
  6. My point RM is a push back on the wide spread liberal assumption that all conservatives cut down trees, drive gas guzzlers, hate wildlife, pollute streams and generally hate the planet which was the implication of the OP article. The very title implies conservatives hate the environment and the first post claims the same about Republicans. I was merely responding to a thread that was political by nature if you will read the topic and first post. I never stated liberals contribute or don't I merely said I know personally many conservatives that do including myself. You do realize the whole thre
  7. Speaking for myself and most of my friends we identify as conservatives not Republicans. I know free thinking is an abstract to most party following sheep but it does exist. I will put our contributions to environmentalism both financially and hands on up against any party line liberal on this site or any other. Through contributions to River Keeper, Ducks Unlimited, fishing/hunting license in multiple states, Boy Scouts, NRA, state park fees, federal duck stamps, boat registrations, launch fees and volunteer clean up days at public areas are some of what we contribute to. The difference is we
  8. This is going to be a tough one to battle. The TV spots the supporters have purchased are very powerful. Most people do not research nor educate themselves about anything political and the knee jerk action will be to vote in favor. Throw in the Me Too crowd and you have a route. Unless the opposition buys TV time with a really good PR advertisement agency this will pass by a land slide (70% +). I am not saying it is good or bad but people are brainwashed by the glow of the TV and internet screens. Sorry but I think I am right on track on this one.
  9. I am one of the anti crowd and have been since the beginning. My problem has been the way the airport was snuck in by a handful of good ole boys that are either dead, sold their airplanes or out of the county now. Quality of life was the driving force in my original opposition to commercial flight aspect . I live out this way so I have a dog in the fight. Regardless of my stance I do think the aviation school may be a good middle ground. It could produce income, provide a service and delay or negate future passenger service therefore minimizing flights. I do not know if it still exist but thei
  10. Every now and then mother nature has to humble man. She lets us no we are not the center of the universe as many people seem to believe. I hope everyone down there is safe and can rebuild. I have a friend who lost a modular home about 1/2 mile from the beach but no one was hurt. The bright side is new stronger construction brightening the area and creating jobs. The down side is pretty obvious if you have seen pictures. I ask that God may send his comforting angels to those in need.
  11. Once again the uber liberal left resorts to their superior intellect with the ultimate response. "I know you are what am I?" I rarely respond because their "discussions" are so far fetched and absolutely full of BS it is like arguing with a fifth grader. The ones (actually two) I have had personal contact with are cowardly trolls with little or no life. Pretty much angry losers. Hussein O was an absolute delusional joke put in office by socialist and sheep along with the "white guilt" moderates. His policies and leadership was zero. His one big "win" was a forced through non sustainable heal
  12. Yes I have in fact I do. I have also been legally prescribed Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and Tramadol at different times to manage it. I take the meds as prescribed until the pain is manageable and then stopped taking them. I keep a script and use them only when the pain effects my daily life which with PT is not often. This is apples and oranges. The OP is about suppliers of drugs used without prescription or doctors over sight that are tainted with Fentanyl. Fentanyl is an amazing pain killer when used as directed but can kill you in the wrong dosage. It is often given to terminal patients to eli
  13. I get it. The supply line needs to be shut down including doctors who over prescribe. However I have never had a drug dealer or doctor force anything down my throat, up my nose or in my veins. When does self control and consequences for ones on actions kick in? Everyone has stress, responsibilities, commitments, etc. it is called life. I have little sympathy for an overdosed doper. JMO.
  14. Sure. Less traffic for the 80% of parents who can't let little Tommy ride the damn bus I pay for because he may get PTSD because some one took his seat.
  15. The Salvation Army has a consistent A+ rating for dollar donated to dollar reaching the people who actually need it. Samaritans Purse has a very good reputation also. While they have a high overhead and spend a lot on administration The American Red Cross is always visible at these disasters. I think prayer is a good idea also it costs nothing but time.
  16. The slightest inference that any human is responsible for an act of nature or the after math either shows total stupidity or mental illness.
  17. I watch/listen to the news or look at my cell phone if I have a huge concern as to the exact temperature at any given moment. I know I am a non conformist.
  18. By all means run to the new line your life is way more important than the ones in front of you. To hell with courtesy or manners every narcissist for them self. (sarcasm intended).
  19. Was 7 in '69. Obviously I was not there but Woodstock was a highly over rated event from all I have studied. Rain, mud, bad drugs, bad sound, no toilets, little food/water, over crowded, total traffic grid lock, no emergency services, etc. Not my idea of a good time. All the artist went on to perform much better shows later in their careers. Neil Young (who was there but did not go on) would not even play with CS&N because the film production was a total disaster. Woodstock is like a Kardashian, famous for being famous. JMO
  20. First big show 1975 (I think) went with my mom, Elvis in the Omni. First big show with friends 1977 (I think) KISS in the Omni.
  21. I think sticker shock. I priced the electrical on the café with a GC years ago. I was a sub so I did not deal directly with the county but the GC told me they passed out when they realized the total cost. The space was not designed (or poorly designed) for a café so it meant all plumbing (grease traps, supply, effluent), electrical, HVAC, ventilation, civil work, fire suppression, flooring, seating, cook equipment, refrigeration, ADA requirements, restrooms, fire walls, etc. had to be included in the project.
  22. I am a NRA member I don't think the organization will go broke tomorrow. The main reason I belong is to assure the 2nd amendment rights of all citizens are protected. I am also a member of Georgia Right to Bear Arms. While I do not agree on every talking point the NRA presents they are a very powerful lobby. The uber left are using back handed frivolous lawsuits in liberal court jurisdictions because they cannot present a logical fact based campaign to strip citizens of their rights. When a conservative challenges, lets say, immigration policy they are labeled haters/bigots/racist/narrow minde
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