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  1. I have never had cold soup. *shrug* I cleaned my leftover veggies out of the freezer today and made a big pot of vegetable beef soup, a pan of cornbread, and a peach cobbler. It was yummy!
  2. My husband's uncle used to make squash pickles. They tasted like bread and butter. My aunt makes an out of this world squash relish, which also has the bread and butter taste. Both are fabulous with a pot of beans and cornbread.
  3. We've had yellow squash out the ears! My squash has never done this well. We've had quite a few ripe tomatoes (Rutger's). Our Cherokee Purple tomatoes aren't doing very well. I've been getting alot of peppers coming in (Jalapenos, Cowhorn, and Sweet Banana). We picked up jars and vinegar to can them this week. My cucumbers are doing pretty good, and taste soo delicious. My husband put us together a small raised bed this year, and he's already talking about how much larger it needs to bed for next year..lol
  4. They actually took the sign down board by board, and they looked to be doing it carefully. I did see plastic hanging in the doorway when I left work around 2:30 and was wondering about the doors, myself. I was hoping the store could be saved and restored to something useful again. I had a customer years ago who wanted to buy it and make a biscuit house out of it, something similar to Stilesboro Biscuit, but they wouldn't sell it or lease it to him. It's so sad to think of the building just being torn down. I have many fond memories of that place.
  5. If anyone has a clip, I would love to see a clip of Mr. Gurski speaking to the chamber about Sunday alcohol sales. I was told he had a pretty good response..
  6. I'm in East Paulding and have noticed it lately.
  7. I have my daughter's books. I'll have to find out what she wants for them. She has the Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th edition (woman playing tennis on cover) and The HA&P Lab Manual 9th Edition, fetal pig version (a swimmer on the front). She also has a coloring book that the teacher recommended, The Anatomy Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence M. Elson. These are the books she used at CTU a few years ago.
  8. LOL Cranemec. Tyler must have shown up at your place. He does our quarterly service, too.
  9. I am looking for the person who made bracelets with the crystals to symbolize birthstones for me several years ago. If anyone can remember who it was, and has their contact info, or someone else who makes them reasonably priced locally, please let me know. I had one made for my mother and need to update it, and am looking to get one made for my mother in law. Thanks!!
  10. I second Tony at Hole in One. He took care of our spider issue in 2012.
  11. They had a tractor trailer stuck at the very same intersection yesterday afternoon...
  12. This was a very sweet and respectful young man. I hope and pray his family finds the answers they are seeking.
  13. We also love Dr. Patrick Melder. He is in the same practice as Dr. Vick. We have used both and both are excellent! If snoring is the issue you need an ENT for, I recommend Dr. Melder first.
  14. Rodney's has a steak salad. It was one of my daughter's favorites when we could afford to go out to eat more often.
  15. The road was still closed at 10:30.
  16. I think my kids were well versed in most of those, and more...just as I was. We also use sir and ma'am. That's just the way I was raised. It is a sign of respect, not age. And..IF we were given permission to use someone's first name, it was Mrs. "so and so". Respect...again.
  17. I think Publix is one of the best major grocery retailers to work for. They are closed more holidays than the others, so it does give their associates more family time. Our oldest daughter worked for them for about 5 years and really liked it. You do run into managers who you don't get along with, but Publix transfers their managers around quite frequently. Good luck.
  18. He definitely isn't for everyone. We have used him for over 20 years and love him. He doesn't always have the best bedside manner, but I have found him to be in a better mood earlier in the mornings. I DO love that we can always see him the day we call him sick. He doesn't give meds if they aren't absolutely necessary which is perfect for me, as I detest having to take any meds. I also love how he tells you exactly like it is. My Dad didn't care for him much either, but he did more for him than his VA PCP did.
  19. Try Dr. Sayeed, 770-445-6000. He is next to Paulding Hospital.
  20. Hand sanitizer works great for getting ink out of fabrics. My great niece accidentally got ink from a ball point pen on our microfiber sofa. We rubbed in purell with a wash cloth and it all came off. You can get candle wax out of carpet by scraping off by hand any dried wax, then running a warm, dry iron on a paper sack placed directly on the wax that's left.
  21. I always cheat and use the Kroger brand frozen yeast dinner rolls. You let them rise for about 5 hours, then bake. They are like Ryan's rolls. I can use one big bag of dough balls for Thanksgiving dinner then have enough left in the freezer for another meal or two at home.
  22. My insurance co-pay for an ER visit is $250, my specialist co-pay is $45 so I totally understand why the young man would go to the doctor's office. I broke my foot on a Saturday evening and waited until Monday to go to the ortho just for this reason. I DID make an appointment first though. There was NO way I was going to pay $250, then another $200 for x-rays, then yet ANOTHER $200 for someone to read the x-rays, when I could see the ortho (which the ER is going to refer me to anyway) for $45 and then only $100 for x-rays. He sounds like a smart young man to me..lol
  23. A Mrs. Pickett used to live there in the late 80's, early 90's. I managed the store that is now a Martial Arts place. She used to walk over to buy her smokes and would stand around and talk. Very sweet lady. She is the one who told me about the old plane crash.
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