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  1. Thank you! I think we got it sorted out, but if not - I’ll let you know.
  2. I remember Helping Hands was asking for coat donations one year, but I havent heard anything this year. I was going to take them to Goodwill, but would like to donate to a local charity if there is one that is asking for them.
  3. Yes, I’ve seen John Edwards twice, a woman psychic in Powder Springs and Thomas John - the Seatbelt Psychic about two weeks ago.
  4. I have to say - all those negative campaign mailers really got my attention and got me out to vote! In fact, I got so tired of seeing them that I made a special point of going and voting for the exact person they told me not to vote for. Good job, guys!
  5. The secret to getting the deals online at WalMart is to get online at 12:01 Wednesday night. You can't get The door buster stuff, but you can get the rest of the deals they have. Plus free shipping.
  6. THIS. I know several who have left here because of the constant negative political comments and at least two of them use to advertise here. As one of them told me, "when you constantly keep bashing the Ttump administration and the people that support the President, you are basically biting the hand that feeds you."
  7. We are looking for recommendations for someone that does tile work, such as removing old tile and putting in new. Thanks in advance!
  8. Our insurance company gave us the name of three remediation companies. We called one of them and got an estimate. After doing a search for the company on the Internet, however, now we aren't sure whether to use the company or not. Has anyone had to use one here in Paulding and what was your experience? Thanks in advance.
  9. You mean like the ones who say things about Trump and call his supporters racist?
  10. The last time we were at the theater, I remember seeing something about what they were doing to the $5.00 Tuesday. I don't remember what change they were going to make though. Does anyone know what the change was? It use to be $5 all day and the concessions were cheaper.
  11. What a wonderful story! I mainly remember Billy Bullock running the old store when I was growing up. I wish I could remember his name, but one day an older gentlemen who was a descendant of the Roses came in the (newer) store and told me that initially the first store was actually located across the street to the right of Swaffords. He said they ground corn into mill there and there was a smokehouse behind it. He remembered working there as a boy. It sounded like it was more of a meeting place than anything else and the menfolk would ride up there with their wagons and trade what they had for
  12. Now they say no confirmed tornado touchdowns. No injuries - no damage. Via WSB CHANNEL 2.
  13. lol...it's only been that way since 1989 - few more years maybe more people will notice! Ha! (In retrospect, we probably should have rebranded it to the name of our other convenience stores, but the store was always like the Big Chicken is for when it came to giving directions out there. That shooting was still kind of hanging over the store at the time like a black cloud though and we just felt there should be some new energy brought in to give it a fresh start.
  14. Yes, it DID have the apostrophe when it was owned by Homer Rose, HOWEVER, when we bought the store we legally changed the business name to Roses and our logo was a rose. If you look at the sign on top of the store there is no apostrophe. It was taken down when we rebranded to Coastal. Since there was a shooting there a few months earlier that year (on Halloween) - we felt the store needed a fresh start. And now you know the rest of the story. SHE was confident because she use to own the store and it is now Roses - no apostrophe. ;-)
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