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  1. "... KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest. " That is incorrect, Forrest did not found the KKK. As far as Ft. Pillow, they would have still been killed if they were white, but of course that inconvenient fact doesn't keep certain types from throwing down the race card.
  2. I'm a lil late to this party. In fact, I just looked at pcom for a moment this morning to see if school was open, out of curiosity, as I no longer have a kid in school. However, if this person is as unstable as he appears to be, I don't think I would be meeting up at Kroger or anywhere else with them. So what, you said you'd be there. Maybe that was before you realized you were dealing with a nut. You don't have to keep your side of deals like that when dealing with nuts. All bets are off when dealing with nuts. It's more important that you make it home safe to your wife, than it is to prov
  3. Wouldn't you say your situation was a completely different circumstance and that Brown is the bully in the video released? Can you at least be that honest with yourself?Edit: It truly amazes me that you would contort the facts of a case to an astonishing degree on your own site and credibility be damned.
  4. Can you tell me their name or at least what road they're on so I'll know not to go there?
  5. I wish we, the people, weren't so gullible and easily manipulated by the dishonest media. I admit I'm just as guilty as anyone else. We, the people could have a real voice in this country if we would or could use our power as a united force. Yes, there are some things we are never going to agree on. BUT there are things we ALL agree on, such as transparency in our government and honesty from our politicians, and government not meddling in our private affairs. If we could come together, we could actually make that happen! Maybe people don't believe it, but it's true! If the American people we
  6. The North game was on TV last night, great game and a big win! It was the Corky Kell Classic @ McEachern High School vs. Creekview. Go PACK!
  7. My father in law was airlifted to Grady after his stroke. They saved his life and as much of his quality of life as anyone possibly could have. We were very grateful for the care he received in Grady's ICU for almost a month.I guess the care you get there can depend on any number of factors, but I felt compelled to take up for them after the almost miraculous recovery of my kid's pawpaw.
  8. RIP young man. May God's love bring comfort and peace to your family. It is so sad to see the obituaries of so many young people lately.
  9. I don't know if you remember, but I met you at Kroger once. I have seen your girls since then around school at ball games and such and they are just the cutest! I have been there with my oldest, I don't have any sound advise but it sounds like you are doing things right, already changing the locks was a good move! Beat of luck to you, the bad news is that out here with all their friends in close proximity, the availability of places to crash is virtually endless,but the good news is, with school starting back, moms will be shooing everyone home soon and she might have to do the walk of sham
  10. I like the way that one is looking right at the camera like, "what? you never saw a baby duck before?" Lol.
  11. Both are murder and not something we are going to be able to relate to and understand. At least I hope I never do! But to be strapped on a car slowly filling with water is equally as horrific as being strapped in a car slowly filling with heat. Both involve an enormous amount of suffering. Actually now that I think about it, Susan Smith's case might be as close as we ever come to understanding what happened here.
  12. Susan smiths children, Michael and Alexander, suffered horribly.
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