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  1. Looks like my hubby found someone. Thanks for the replies ... will be in touch if needed in future.
  2. Looking for someone to bring and spread pine straw. Must do a neat job and be reasonably priced. Please PM with your price per bail. Thank you!
  3. The cleaners wash them and put them on the steam presses while they are wet. So, not only do they have a better steam press system but they are done very quickly while wet. At home you can only do so much at one time and the 'wet' shirts will dry with wrinkles before you can get to them all (assuming that you have more than one or two at a time).
  4. Can you recommend a good PT place in Dallas or Acworth area? The one we have visited is set up like an assembly line. LOL Looking for a place where they actually pay attention and tell you the proper techniques. Any suggestions?
  5. Great information, thanks! Would you recommend applying online or do you have a contact that you could send me?
  6. Yes, I would. Have you worked for one of these companies? Any helpful hints?
  7. I've been looking for a while and really need something sooner rather than later. If you know of something, please send me a PM. I have experience in office settings, healthcare - medical office and general office. I would certainly consider all other options too! Thank you!!
  8. Thad & Melissa - Prayers go out to you and your wellbeing and housing situation. -- Kudos to the P-com community, who have come together to help, in whatever way that they can, be that through prayers, physical or financial assistance. This is what it is all about, helping each other! Bless you all.
  9. My DD has been sick for over a week. Please send your prayers for healing and wellbeing to take place. Thank you!
  10. Hubby has another eye surgery this week and DD not feeling well. Thank you!!!
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