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  1. Thanks for answering. We do know that aSprouts will be constructed at Casteel Rd and Dallas Highway.
  2. Dallas Highway just below Lowes and Taco Mac but on other side of the road.....big area where construction is occuring. Does anyone know what this is going to be ? A new plaza ? Whole Foods -- LOL ! A housing development ? Hubby and I are wondering. We just saw it when whe went to Lowes yesterday .
  3. Thanks.. I was referring to a place with new ownership at corner of NEBO RD AND RT 61... SORRY for error in the topic ....I was not savy enought to edit the topic title.
  4. Hubby was told no sign yet but it's behind a Texaco or Sunoco at that corner ????z SORRY>>>>He meant NEBO RD and RT 61.........
  5. SORRY I CANNOT EDIT THE TOPIC TITLE...... Hubby was told about a new place to eat at corner of NEBO RD and Rt 61. used to be another restaurant and now new people have it. Have no idea of the name or what the menu might include. Do any of you guys in here know ?? THANKS FOR HELPING .
  6. My Goodness....I had no idea that bakery had closed. This place you are speaking of must have just opened --say in the last few weeks ? HOPE IT MAKES IT. B)
  7. Not familiar with Farmer John's. Can someone tell me where this is ? THANK YOU....
  8. Thanks for these replies.... Will let hubby read them....... Much appreciated.
  9. Good Sunday afternoon... We are pretty sure our hard drive has spyware ...it is operating slower.... photos loading slower ....etc.... (Our hard drive was brand new last year ) Hubby and I are NOT computer savvy at all. Can anyone in this forum recommend somone who can fix it for us ? I know Best Buy is pretty pricey. We have only lived here a few years......just have no clue who we can take this to and trust them to get rid of the spyware . THANKS VERY VERY MUCH....
  10. Hubby and I used to bet on the Derby every year in New York State..via locations called Off Track Betting sites. Just small bets...... MOVED down here and shocked to find we can't bet on the Derby.....for Pete's sake. AND we have to drive 4 hours to find a casino if we want to spend a few hours there . What's that story.................? This is the year 2014.
  11. SORRY..... I bet you all have discussed this already. But I dont come in here too often....... What is being built near the Burger King ..on 278 in front of where the Hobby Lobby is going ??? THANKS........
  12. Treasure Island no longer has the Pirate show going on. There is a brand new observation wheel near the Flamingo -called The High Roller. Just opened a few weeks ago. You get in an enclosed car and it takes 30 minutes to go completely around....looks sort of like a ferris wheel. The new area is called THE LINQ.... You can check out the website for it...shops- restaurants --outdoors --like a center square and this HIgh Roller thing is there. Not sure the cost . USA TODAY has a big article on it in today's paper..THE LIFE SECTION. If you get a chance take a taxi downtown so you can go to
  13. Bealls Outlet Website says HIRAM GA opening May 15th ....
  14. The Bealls OUTLET stores I went to in the Clearwater, Florida area about 3 or 4 of them...were NOT as nice as Marshalls or TJMAX ... The quality of clothing is not the same as those two stores... I am basing this on the outlets that I went to in FLORIDA. THE regular BEALLS DEPT STORE is GREAT........ Would be nice if that went in over there..... They did just put a BEALLS OUTLET on East West Connector....it just opened this month.
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