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  1. my kids no! but i would in courage the ex to do it!
  2. you might want to get that checked.
  3. I second that! love love love DR Goolsby!
  4. Just wanted to say good morning to everyone and to let you know iam still hanging in there. i have spoken to an atty. who is awesome! thank you to the p. commer who refered me to Ms. O'Halleran. I cant say enough good things about her and to all the p commers who have came to my rescue! you all are such wonderful kind hearted folks that it makes me proud to be apart of this community!
  5. probally when i had left my phone in the car. iam sorry i missed you. iam still in a daze.
  6. PCHS is over and its a zoo! i think there were more people there than their was students graduating. Iam such a proud mom right now!
  7. contact LPPT she will let you know. and thank you so much
  8. ok i had no idea i could go to our court house for the birth cert. i was thinking i had to go to atlanta or something ill be taking care of that on Thursday for sure
  9. i have sent a email to the landlord asking him to please come change the locks asap. i am sure this is for the best. it just very overwhelming thank heavens i didnt quit my job when he was trying to get me to or would be in a even greater pickle. he didnt think my little job was worth it.
  10. iam sorry just saw this i had to work today and tuesday and wednesday i have to close those days so it would be kinda late when i get off. how about thursday i am off i can come to you if you want. thank you thats so kind of you. someday he will get whats coming to him.
  11. thats a done deal! spoke with ins agent this morning.
  12. question i just applied for benefits through the compass thing i dont have my birth certificate how and where can i get it fast so i can get approved? ill give them a call and see what they say thank you.
  13. Omg! i would greatly appreciate it. you want me to come it or you drop it off when your visiting?
  14. is she county or city i am in the city?
  15. ill be taking care of that its in both our names with mine being 1st i was my policy and i added him to it.
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