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  1. Hugh Hefner wrote a $5,000 check in 1970 to help start NORML, now at 47 years old is one of the oldest marijuana legalization organization's in the U.S. Hefner continued supporting NORML for years, at times donating up to $100,000 a year. Also, in 1978 he waged a public campaign to restore the HOLLYWOOD sign, getting 9 donors, plus himself, to sponsor a letter, to cover the costs. Quoting Wikipedia: H: Terrence Donnelly (publisher of the Hollywood Independent Newspaper) O: Giovanni Mazza (Italian movie producer) L: Les Kelley (founder of the Kelley Blue Book) L: Gene Autry (actor)
  2. Yes, denying rights based on "personal beliefs" in defiance of federal law is illegal.
  3. So you have a penchant for Vicodins, Viagra, and Guatemalan women locked in your basements as "maids"? Feel bad for ya bruh.
  4. I think somebody just needs to focus on their jerb. How's that whole repeal and replace going again?
  5. GASLIGHT OBSTRUCT PROJECT I'm a 21st century GOP boy, I'm kinda angry cos they want me to share my toys My daddy bought me my first business because I'm more lazy than intelluctual My political party is the best yet they're so ineffectual It's a meme-economy, you gotta MAGA or get cucked.
  6. ALT_RIGHT darling for 24 hours, Villanueva, issues press conference stating "Standing for Flag was Unintentional"
  7. And suddenly Crickets about those "Buttery Males"
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