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  1. Wineguy

    TV News

    Considering the recent guidelines that the BBC released about how they will only give coverage based on who and what deserves coverage, I think I will start using the BBC as my source of news. When the 1% have more coverage and credibility than the other 99% who have more knowledge of a subject, they shouldn't be considered reliable.
  2. Wineguy

    TV News

    Considering recent studies have shown that people that do not watch any news have more factual information on current events than anyone that actually watches the Cable news networks who either spin the truth, omit the truth, or lie to battle the truth, I NEVER watch the cable news stations unless I want current coverage of a national disaster, shooting etc. And that is only because they offer live 24 hr coverage vs the broadcast stations.
  3. Without an HDMI port you are pretty limited as to what you can use to get Netflix and such. Your best option may be getting a Wii which does not need an HDMI port. Most all Televisions over the last 10 years or so have had an HDMI port which is why almost all devices require that you have it.
  4. A family members house was auctioned due to Foreclosure on June 4th at the Paulding Courthouse. Does anyone have any clue where you can find information on how much it sold for? I have found Auction.com and Foreclosure.com, but neither have any information on how much it actually sold for. Thanks for any assistance. I am curious how much it went for as I lived here for quite a few years and had considered buying it until I needed a home closer to the North side of the city.
  5. Yet that is the exact reason my family only watches 11Alive. I get sick of seeing 20 stories of murder and rape every night. I like seeing what is good in the world.
  6. Some of the best Wine I have ever had was from Chateau Montelena. It is always sad to hear of visionaries passing.
  7. The SPLOST here in Cobb has been everywhere. I knew all of the details of it without even trying.
  8. I didn't even know it was on the ballot or that there was to be a special election until a couple of days ago.
  9. Pickens county passed it and was verified an hour ago. Paulding is always one of the slowest to tally and report election results.
  10. The secretary of States site hasn't posted it yet. I haven't seen anything yet. But if this is true, I am glad I no longer live in Paulding. This will be the only part of metro atlanta where it is not legal now.
  11. I agree. It should have been. The board should be held accountable for the costs since it was an oversight of theirs that it wasn't on the November ballot.
  12. Any word on when we will know the results?
  13. According to Kantar Retail Insights, JCP is currently opening hundreds of smaller stores inside current stores over the next 2-3 years, and are only halfway through remodeling almost every store. They will not be going online only anytime soon based on their current PR Statements.
  14. They must have gotten a strict Unemployment agent. It always got under my skin that everyone I knew on unemplyment WASNT required to apply for jobs. The only thing most people I know who were on unemployment had to do was call the number and log in, THATS IT!!!. I think they should have to apply for 20 jobs a week, and take any job that pays more than they are receiving through unemployment while they look for something else.
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