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  1. This may be a strange question but... I wonder if she drove for Cobb County in the 90's... I remember my Middle school bus driver's name being Diane Wright (Brown hair and glasses).. super sweet
  2. Asking for some feedback-- I received a Gift Cert for this nail salon and wanted to know if anyone uses them? thoughts? Good/Bad?
  3. It is Watkins Erosion's and Exceed Landscapers' new home. I have heard (from reputable sources) that each office within the building will be a different theme.. Little towns
  4. Well, Pros and cons to everything I suppose. We are looking to eliminate quite a bit of debt and hubby has to move to lower paying job as his current job is going away. Does CCCS consolidate cards to one payment?
  5. Anyone ever use a Credit Counseling service to get out from Credit Card debt?? Need recommendations... TIA
  6. Do I have to pay to post items for sale?? Clothes, shoes, small laptop....
  7. The lady interviewed made me want to scream. Seriously lady?!?!?!? There is an elementary school near downtown Dallas that is steps away from a pawn shop. My daughter went to that school and I never batted an eye over concern that the Pawn Shop would attract the crazies. The bank had more negative press with the multiple robberies causing the school DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET to be on lockdown. come on people?? Are we seriously going to have a cow over this pawn shop rather than working to get some streets repaved, widened??? Can we get an interview with someone else?
  8. DH said there were 2 vehicles smashed up pretty bad in Hiram, Just past the new Racetrac. He said one car had a blanket covering it. Anyone know what happened? Prayers for all involved
  9. D&M Tree Service- Owned/Operated by Shane Fields (@dmtreeexperts) or call: 770-480-5943
  10. They are open.. It was to be a "Hush, Hush" closing for a few days but I couldn't let this go un-noted. I think they re-opened last Fri or Sat. Heard it was due to employees (and some patrons) complaining of Stomach Flu symptoms. I suppose the "maintenance" was to scrub teh place down.. which i hope they did FULLY SCARY!!! I ate at the one by Walmart years ago and it was decent. Ate at one in Cleveland GA and loved it. I guess it depends who is handling the food, orders, etc...
  11. Amy Swanson (Jennifer is good too!) at Salon Rouge in D/T Hiram near Olive Tree- Depending on length of hair... Add highlights... a little over $100
  12. Well, I hope he has good things in the works for the school-- DD is starting there in August.
  13. Definitely NOT CFA Just a general PSA folks The last thing we need is a county full of Stomach viruses
  14. Closed for "Maintenance"-- Steer clear as their food was rumored to be making people sick.... Not sure who likes 'em but this is your PSA for the day
  15. Might have to ride through tonight I would have loved to know it was coming... and tried to get signed up. We need a bigger house
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