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  1. I was told he was working on hydraulics on bucket on bobcat and they failed and the bucket came down and in top of him. So sad.
  2. I turned on scanner after hearing so many sirens. They are looking for 2 males suppose to have guns around south paulding high. Police are still coming I keep hearing them.
  3. I agree Xtreme Tree Works, They are really good.
  4. Georgia and Florida are two of the states that chose to not expand Medicaid. Since it was not expanded, there is a gap of people that make too much for low income medicaid but dont make enough to qualify for subsidies. The obamacare subsidies assume that your state expanded their program to cover this gap even though the states had the option to opt out. It is crazy and stupid. The people who need it the most do not qualify.
  5. Unfortunately looks like Florida like Georgia did not expand their medicaid program. This leaves the very low income that make too much for regular medicaid without insurance subsidies that make Obamacare affordable. It is so crazy.
  6. Not as cheap as some but $9.99 for 30 days and $15.99 for 90 days. I get all my prescriptions there and just recently shopped prices and it is no cheaper for me to go elsewhere.
  7. Rite Aid also has a generic drug program. Might want to check if you meds are on the list.
  8. Kmart now has up their store closing sign. Guess it is now official.
  9. We passed as everyone was running to car and trying to get doors open. Dropped off something up street and came back by as they were loading a man into ambulance on stretcher. Did not see anyone else being worked on. Hopefully the man will be ok.
  10. Me and daughter had education credit, received about a week ago.
  11. I make this all the time for gatherings and it is always requested. I just don't mention how easy it is haha. 1- Large block Velveeta 1- can rotel original or hot 1lb sausage cooked and drained (I have been known to be lazy and buy the precooked sausage they have now and just dump it in) cut up cheese, dump in can of rotel and add cooked sausage. Microwave until melted stirring a few times. Yummy!!
  12. I am looking for a restaurant in the Hiram, powder springs area that has a private area for a rehersal dinner. Only place I can think of is the Olive Tree. Any other places I missed?
  13. Looking for a surveyor that can find the pins on the property line in an platted subdivision. Already have drawing just need to find the pins.
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