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  1. I am researching who I want to vote for Board of Education at large. I haven't been able to find enough info on the candidates to decide who to vote for. Any opinions?
  2. I heard that she accidentally picked up the wrong check to write to the marina for the boat. I don't know any more than that but its what I heard her friends are saying. I have no knowledge of what the check looked like or how she could have mistaken a check for the school with a check she was to use to purchase the boat. Wonder when this case will go to court.
  3. I read on twitter that at half time it was Allatoona 28 North Paulding 7
  4. The thing I didn't get is why have little league night on a night when you know attendance is going to be so high. I believe it was something like kindergarten through 5th grade that went out on the field before the game. Then they and all their parents and siblings were at the game. The stands were filled with small children instead of high school students because of it.
  5. I'm looking for a good florist in the county to order flowers for a funeral. I'm tired of going to funerals and seeing where people have spent the same amount as me but have much nicer flowers.
  6. I was hoping to get some good recommendations for both primary doctors and Gyn. I am looking for new doctors due to my insurance change and 1 of my doctors moved. Thanks in advance.
  7. Does anyone know what is going on in Mill Creek Station off 381? Several police cars in the neighborhood.
  8. My thought is that some weeks you may work 5 days then some weeks you may only be able to get 2 days. There is no guarantee that you are going to work unless you get a long term gig as a supply teacher is someone is out on maternity leave or sick leave. That is why I didn't think they would offer insurance to subs. Some months you may not even work enough to pay for the insurance. If that happens I will intentionally work less than 30 hours a week. Do they plan to out source the subs. to a temp company or something?
  9. ceesa


    I just heard on the news that Comcast is going to start charging per data used on their internet plan. If you go over the allowed amt you have to pay an extra $10 per 50GB used. They said they are doing this because people are using their computers to watch movies instead of buying their movie channels on cable TV. What is everyone's opinion on this?
  10. I am a North Paulding fan and hope they win friday night, but I hear they have a tough team to play. I was told that Stephenson has 8 players on their team that are going to play football in college.
  11. what temp. to you cook it on all night?
  12. I am always looking for new recipes. What is your favorite Turkey recipe? Baked, fried, even crockpot.
  13. Yes North fans wear white, I was at the school today and heard them announce that.
  14. I think north will win this year!
  15. I have a friend who has a college age son looking for a room to rent in Dallas, Kennesaw, Acworth area. He is looking for someone else around his age who needs a roommate in an apt. or house. Let me know if you know anyone that needs a roommate that is around 18 -25 years of age.
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