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  1. My home is being sold this morning. I owe 300k, and I have money bet that it sells for 80k. I'll be glad to be done with riverwood. Eff you David Pearson and your lawyer too
  2. Just out of curiosity...why in the world would you drop FEDEX off there? That's like dropping a cat into a fence full of dogs.....Big brown ones.
  3. That is an amazing deal, and I know you are worth every penny. I love Mr. Rodney's cooking.
  4. well that link answers all my questions. Looks like a quarter of the county is down.
  5. I'm out and i'm riverwood. Any Idea what has caused it?
  6. What is wrong with us? I cannot help but wonder how we have gotten to this point in our society. In looking at the above posts I cannot help but wonder when we became so desensitized to the current happenings. I don't know Freds, but I do know that a business does not make a decision to close in a vacuum... This one closing means employees are losing their jobs, property companies are losing their revenue stream, suppliers are losing a customer, customers are losing a choice, the state loses a tax source, the owner is losing his labor of love, his time, his life savings, and maybe ev
  7. We filed the case over a series of allegations that covered a wide range of complaints. Put simply he uses the hoa like his personal piggy back. He is the sole voting member of the hoa and elected himself as the property manager. He increased his fees from 8k per year to well over100k. Our pool is not usable. The playground was only made safe as result of the suit. There has not been any landscaping for years. The water to the common areas has been cut off. the power to the street light has been cut due to non payment of the hoa power bill. He used our hoa money to pay his attorneys in hi
  8. Just think, when I don't pay my dues to his corrupt organization this year either I'll be looking at 10,000 in liens....I owe 300k, and its worth about 100k. Realtors won't show or list in the hood....we are all pretty much ruined.
  9. the judge assigned to our case made a summary judgment in favor of Pearson three Weeks ago. No trial, no mediation, no day in court. 120k in legal fees on our side. The dues stand at 1500 with thousands of dollars in liens against our homes. We have taken this to appeal, but with Barnes on your side there is no winning this now.
  10. Supposebly.....That one word sends up the verbal idiot flag. * This symbol is not an asterick either....Very few get that one right. Asterisk, 3 syllables.
  11. That is some of the saddest news I have heard in a long time. I worked with Randall on many projects and his design skills were top notch. Prayers to his wife and children in this difficult time.
  12. upstore


    Well that's one more nail in the coffin.
  13. upstore


    I hate it for you. Riverwood residents sued the HOA controlled by the developer after he raised dues from 450 to 1500 over four years. We don't have the pools or clubhouses or playgrounds that Bentwater has. It has cost the residents a lot of attorneys fees over the past two years, but we expect to have this wrapped up in the next few months.
  14. I fell for that one about my second year in the business. I have been very leery of print advertisement since then. Last year we had a good return using Money Mailer, and I did it again for this holiday season.
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