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  1. I hate to hear this, I support with Animal shelter 100%...I hope they get everything done so they can reopen soon!
  2. Some People are just plain rude! I was at the Town Center the other day and I had a lady come up to me and say, "It is just so sad that you are so young and have 2 kids, didnt your parents talk with you" I was in Shock! Let me say I am 22 but I do look about 16 . Im married 3 years now and have 2 beautiful children, I own my house and my car and I dont live off the goverment!!! Some people need to just keep there eyes to themselfs and there mouths Shut!
  3. I dont know what it is.. But I have felt that way all day today!
  4. Kim, I did not have dental insurance and I went to Dr Lee and they have a credit card, Chase Health Advance and theres no interest at all! I used it to get my Dental work done and you can make payments! Its a blessing! Write me on facebook or here If you want to know anymore!
  5. My moms neighboor is a sex offender.. I was scared to death, But his wife was outside one day and her and my mother started talking and my mom did ask what happend, and It was all lies she said.. The step daughter got mad and made up lies and now he has to live with it on his record and did nothing
  6. Im sorry for your loss.. I knew Joey and Mandy from Lucas and They were awsome people! Its hard to belive so many friends have passed away!
  7. Its still so hard to belive! I remember him in school always so happy and Sweet! We all miss him so much! Happy Birthday Caleb, Please continue to watch over the ones who love you
  8. Im scared to try anything Its a top loader!!!
  9. I am looking for someone that either has taken a washer apart or knows someone who can! I am really upset that I may have washed my wedding ring.. I have looked every where and thats the last spot I can think of! PLEASE if you know anyone let me know!
  10. I can say NO anytime! Thank god son does not like McDonalds!!!
  11. WoW they look like twins.. Im still praying for this family!
  12. Walmart has them they are near the Earring and Stuffs.. They had Toy Story, Cars, Princess, and Ga, and much more 24 pack I think and they were 4.00 a pack... I really dont understand them but hey!
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