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  1. So sad. My mom just passed the house, it was heartbreaking to see the family outside. Prayers going up for all involved.
  2. We had a similar situation at Cobb. My grandfather was given a medication, via IV, that he has had SEVERE reaction to. He not only was given the medicine despite the postings on the chart, door, wall, head of bed AND his arm....he was given it twice!! He suffered a stroke as the result. We refused to leave ICU when visiting hours were over. We told them to call seurity to remove us because that would be just another notch in our lawsuit. (they never came) We documented EVERY little thing from taking vitals and what those were to medicine administration to doctor's visits to professionals names
  3. I got a report saying some area in Hiram will be closed the next 4 hours due to an accident. First, 4 hours is a LONG time. Does anyone know what happened? Second, Can anyone tell me the area? It's Main St between North Ave and Arnold Ln. I'm not super familiar with street names and have to go somewhere I think may be in the area in question. Thanks!!
  4. 4-8 but some of the businesses are staying open late. The salon is doing crazy hair, Olive Tree is serving a breakfast buffet from 9-midnight (so I've been told), Puddle Duck's is having a PJ sale, show up in your PJ's and receive a discount (again, so I've been told) and the dance studio has a table to do SuperHero tattoo's, facepainting and FROZEN nail's. I'll be at the dance table. Come by, say HI and tour the studio!!!
  5. I got a Nixle to avoid that area due to an accident that caused road closure then another that the road was open again. It must have been pretty serious because there was a good bit of time between the 2 notifications. I drove thru there around 8ish last night & didn't see any weather related issues that would cause an accident. I'd like an update too...DD's goes to school with a lot of kids in this area.
  6. busymomof3


    Several wrecks will happen today...a false sense of everything seeming normal. My sister just called to check on us. She said there is a really bad one on 101. Numerous fire, state patrol, sheriff, and helicopter responders flew by her house.
  7. Here's a dumb question.... I have DSL. If I buy a router can I plug the DSL wire into it instead of the modem and have wireless? Or, do I have to have different wiring for wireless?
  8. The glow balloons are fantastic! We cut open glow sticks and throw the liquid all over the place.
  9. We saw it take off from the church behind McStinky's on the corner of Scoggins & 61. Any news? We said a prayer as we saw it fly over.
  10. My husband & brother in law have used these people for years. Both of them are kinda picky so if they've used this business for that long the business must be great.
  11. Whats up with the "shots fired" on Hart Rd today. It was on Dallas-Hiram Patch. I never heard the first siren or commotion.
  12. Strength prayers for your dad, peace prayers for your family, and steady guidance prayers for the doctor.
  13. I had to brag and share a good deal! Group tickets, 10 or more, are $8 each! That's a great buy for Girl Scouts, youth groups, & large families! My middle DD has a principle role & ensemble roles, my youngest has ensemble roles and a special part with the Sugar Plum Fairy. There are over 70 children performing and 30 adults working behind the scene! There are 2 Nutcracker performances. One in Cedartown, Dec 8, and one in Carrollton, Dec 15. Show times are 2 & 7. My girls are also part of the "Meet & Greet" photo op an hour before the performance. The performance has over $4
  14. My DD said twitter last night stated there was a suicide attempt and hostage situation on Scoggins with shots fired, a suicide attempt with shots fired on McClung and an overturned car accident on Hiram Sudie. Sounded like the SO's was very busy. No updates on any this morning.
  15. I did this with all of my girls when they were babies. I gave it to them, in their bottle, for diarrhea. I guess it's the gelatin but it was much better than giving them OTC meds. It especially was good when they had that acidic teething diarrhea.
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