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  1. Everyone is. That's the way the US tax code is structured. And you're benefiting from that same system just like those people who pay nothing in income tax ... unless you're making over $400k gross and paying 35% federal tax the full 15% capital gain, you're getting the same benefit of a lesser tax amount just like those "others" who don't pay full freight. That's how you Yanks st up the system: the poorest pay less than those who have larger incomes There is an easy solution as Europe does: the Value Added Tax and a National Retail Sales Tax. Understand that what you're calling for is a E
  2. Yes, really No, that is not what the discussion is about. Yes, that is the type of taxation system you Yanks adopted 100 years ago.
  3. Yes, you've treated this like other news stories. But this thread is overtly political because one side believes Obama initiated a cover up and the other side says there is not any indication there was a cover up. News, yes. Political, yes. I see your point but I think it is too poltiical.
  4. I call BS. So many of the comments in this thread are political that it is divided as a political discussion.
  5. Everyone in the US pays taxes, but not everyone pays all the various taxes, since the tax structure in the US is set up so that it is a progressive system, and the poorest pay less percentage of their income in taxes than do the more wealthy.
  6. Nothing there. Miscommunication, yes. Miscalculation, yes. Cover up? No. Only the tin foil hat people think there is something nefarious.
  7. Now there are 11 provinces that allow same sex marriage. Soon, the bigotry against gays will go the way of the ban on interracial marriage. My link
  8. The last several years have been particularly difficult for apiarists in the US with nearly 1/3 of the active hives not surviving the winter. That means that harvests are likely to suffer at some point since the farmers rely on bees for the pollination of their crops. Many explanations have been offered for the been hive decline but it is a situation that may reach critical status int he near future. My link
  9. Write a very polite letter of resignation and say that you've enjoyed your time there, the people, and thank your immediate superior for the opportunities you've been given. Make sure you say things such as "you've grown professionally" and that you would clearly be open to entertaining the option of working for them again in the future. Simply say you've had an offer for another position and you want to grow in that that direction for the immediate future. That's all your letter should say. Then, you may tell your immediate supervisor that you would consider staying and under what con
  10. She has done a great job of marketing herself. And she has some great ideas I've used for decorating.
  11. Another province in America has now legalised same sex marriage, making it the tenth to do so. As the US population is now overwhelmingly in support of marriage equality, it shan't be long before the 14th Amendment in the US Constitution is applied to all governments inside the US borders and all provinces barring marriage equality will have to be required to treat all its citizens the same. My link
  12. The university at Maine has some phenomenal Summer programs. My lads went there several times and always had a pleasant time. My link
  13. Insurance premiums have been going up for 30 years due to increasing health care costs and an aging population requiring more services. That is just the economics of the American population. I hired 12 more in April. Three of those were direct patient care givers. Two were finance people. One attorney. One auditor. One for IT. Two support techs. One interpreter. And one is temporary for a particular project at the new facility in Canton. I would suppose my experience is just different from yours. As for the economy itself, all the information I'm reading and getting from the people who
  14. It is already happening. Slowly. And the youngsters that may stay on the parents' coverage is already having an impact.
  15. zoocrew

    New Auto

    It's time. The Volvo XC 60 has served me well and have had excellent service from it, but it is time. My husband and I are looking at options now, but we're really liking the Mercedes GLK or the Audi A8. Two different auto styles but we really can't decide. I'm keeping the Volvo because it is still in great shape. Anyone have any experiences with either one?
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