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    PC hospital

    The original hospital opened in August of 1958. It is my understanding that I was the first boy born, and two girls were born the day before. I have no proof of that, but it's a good story! They delivered babies there until the early 70's.
  2. I don't believe in snooping for all the same reasons stated. If I ever thought my wife was looking through my things... I would make sure I manufactured evidence so that she found something! The relationship would pretty much be over if that were happening, so there might as well be some fun in it!
  3. The problem with this ballot issue is not whether a "charter" school is better or not, it is who controls whether one is built in a local area. The local school board has the right to build a charter school now. This vote is about taking the decision out of the hands of the local school boards and giving it to the State. If the State is really interested in improving the quality of education, then they should improve the quality of education by allowing teachers to teach. Too much blame for the lower educational scores is placed on the teachers. The majority of the blame resides with State and Federal mandates that either remove discipline in the classroom, or force unfunded mandates on the local school systems. Classrooms not having books, and having students constantly disrupting classes is not the teachers fault. It is lack of support from the administrators up to the Federal administrations. Give the public schools the same tools as you give charter schools, put personal accountability back on students and parents, allow for acknowledgment of student performance, allow enforcement of discipline, and removal of disruptive students from classrooms. Those are the primary advantages of a charter school. Make the actual education of students the primary focus again for the public schools. How long do you think the "charter" schools will last before they are sued and forced to allow the same crap that has killed our current system? If the State can stand up for private enterprises to do this, they can stand up for the local schools. They would improve the education of many children instead of a few. The problem is the negative feed back that they would receive. It is much easier to start over than fix the problem they caused. It is only a temporary solution.
  4. Congratulations! You have a right to be proud. Please tell your son thank you from a grateful citizen of the USA!
  5. Definitely not a parade, too many helicopters, maybe the news guys are here now?
  6. Another one just left... I think that is 3, but they sometimes circle, so it could just be a 2nd one.
  7. I have been hearing multiple sirens for a while now, and I think multiple helicopters. Anyone hear of a bad wreck/fire, or is there some sort of drill?
  8. Ummm... what about those of us normal people with both feet under the cover!
  9. Increases in minimum wage have to do one of two things, if not both. An employer has a certain amount of their income set to provide for wages. Forcing this to increase must either result in higher prices passed to the consumer, or fewer jobs. Small companies with only a few employees can usually not afford to cut the number of jobs and loose the amount of work being done, so the cost will be passed on to their consumers. If this company has larger competitors, then they have probably used option 2 and reduced the number of jobs they have, keeping prices the same, or will slightly increase prices and cut fewer jobs. Eventually, this gives enough of a competetive edge to the larger corporations that we see another decline in the number of small businesses operating. Especially in tough economic times, who is going to the local mom and pop place to pay $3.00 for a hamburger when they can go to MickyD's or Wendy's and get one for $1. I have a problem with the whole minimum wage thing anyway, but that is an entirely seperate conversation.
  10. Does anyone know if they have closed, or just taken a few days off? From looking in the windows, it appears that a lot of stuff has been taken out. I sure hate to see good establishments not make it, but it is a tough economy to be starting any type of business.
  11. This is what they get for being lenient the first time... Butts in jail will prevent it from happening again. Community service is a badge of honor for getting by with it , it does nothing but encourage more of the same behavior.
  12. Government can rarely make things better for those who choose to be productive citizens. It can easily get in the way and make things worse.
  13. The short answer is also NO. Lower home value, higher prices on almost everything, my wife has had pay and benefits cut, and my business has remained flat, or declined due to many small businesses closing. Other than property taxes being slightly lower, I don't see any positive changes from four years ago.
  14. Neil Armstrong is being laid to rest today in a private ceremony. Per Presidential proclamation, all flags should be flown at half-mast today. Make sure to mention it to your employer or anyone else you know that flies a flag. He was one of the true American heroes, and this small honor is well deserved. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/08/27/presidential-proclamation-death-neil-armstrong
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