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  1. A vehicle 2 cars in front of me struck a person walkin down the road with their dog. It's been said that owner is okay, however, the dog did get scared and slipped his collar. He is a tan medium size dog. Someone said he looks like a pit mix and his name is Tripp.
  2. I am still trying to wrap my head around my kindergarteners school (Carroll county) has shrimp for lunch, which shes allergic to...
  3. People were having a hard time going up the hill after you pass West Sandtown Road (I think thats the name) and before the racetrac.
  4. I have looked for years and never have found one.
  5. I use them all the time for pictures, photobooks, and coffee mugs. Never have had an issue and its cheaper, to me, than going to CVS or something.
  6. Thats the new area code around this area. I purchased my mom an ATT gophone, and she got the 470 area code, I just called them and asked for a 770 or 678 area code and they switched it with no problems.
  7. PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — A post circulating on Facebook is tying up dispatchers at Paulding County's 911 call center. The post that's being shared and reposted over and over urges people to dial 112 to verify police stops if they fear they're being pulled over by a police impersonator. Dispatchers and a sheriff's office spokesperson told Channel 2's Carl Willis that it's having real-life effects and jamming up emergency operators. "Basically, it's tying everyone up," said Paulding County sheriff's Cpl. Ashley Henson. Read the rest of the story here: Facebook posting tied to j
  8. I, personally, think the reason people seem to be too trigger happy to most of us is the fact that its being televised more. Used to we would only hear about the "major" shooting, but now it seems you turn on the news or go to a news site and all they talk about is each and every incident involving guns. Back to the original topic, I am very familiar with my gun and how to operate it. If you are in my home and I feel you are a threat to me and/or my child, I will take whatever measures need to be taken to make sure you are no longer a threat.
  9. HON is a Wholesaler which only sells to Furniture Dealers, much like the Office Furniture company I work for. I deal with Furniture Dealers all day, everyday. Let me know if you cant find exactly what you are looking for online and I can refer you to some incredible dealers!
  10. Thank you, I appreciate all the information you have given me.I dont understand why they are doing this to begin with, also doing this is tampering with my property. I will keep you updated.
  11. Yes, thank you. I will be taking care of this quickly, I do not want anything to get killed (and it looks ugly with now water, because its fairly big). My husband is going to go out and take pictures first thing in the morning, so that when I call I can also send pictures to show.
  12. Thank you. Before you edited your post I seen you name the Paulding County Engineer. That helped me, because I was able to look at who Carroll Counties is, as well, and I see somethings on line that I can read about this on the .gov site.
  13. See that is what I was thinking. I live in Carroll County, do you think they manage them here as well? Thank you.
  14. The end of everyone whos property is around the spring/pond/lake's property line meets in the middle. So technically the neighbor is digging both theirs and my property.
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