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  1. Jodie Foster Melissa Gilbert Kristy McNichol- Family, Little Darlings Tatum O'Neal- Little Darlings Dana Plato- Different strokes (ok we are all allowed on mistake) Sara Gilbert- Roseanne Kerri Green- Summer Rental, Lucas Kim Richards - Return from witch mountain Nancy McKeon- The Facts Of Life Leelee Sobieski-Eyes Wide Shut, Never Been Kissed. The glass house, (ok THERE IS A LITTLE AGE GAP THERE, so shoot me.) Christina Ricci- Monster (She's 30 not THAT much of an age gap) And a few others I cant think of at the moment.
  2. ALL drivers under the age of 20 should be restricted to driving bus yellow yugos. They must be stock from the ground up, inside and out. That would stop the teen car envy, stop the showing out by those who would do so if they had a car to do it in and they would think twice about being an aggressive driver. I imagine a Yukon looks mighty imposing from the drivers seat of a yugo. So I say bring back the yugo.
  3. True, someone has to come pick us up when we get on the ground.
  4. WELL, since your husband asked, I was wondering the same thing. Regardless of the name, I fly into it because it is 8 miles from moms house Vs KVPC or KRYY.
  5. Dontcha know? wes sposed to fix it. make eryone feel all warm n fuzy inside.
  6. You know you wanna go stand out there and work traffic.
  7. For those of you who don’t know, getting terminated from a law enforcement position is not like getting terminated from wall-mart. When a certified officer leaves an agency, that agency must report this change of status to the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training council (POST). This is the agency responsible for the certification of police officers in Ga. When they (POST) receive the report of change in status of an officer from an agency, it is reviewed, the type of change and reason is looked at. If it is a basic resignation the certification becomes inactive until the person is pic
  8. As long as I have directional control of the plane I'll take my chances with a off field landing over opting to deploy a BRS any day. The BRS is a LAST RESORT option, ie when you have lost directional control of the aircraft due to structural failure. Good job by this pilot on his off field landing.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-yBc8txHaA&feature=related
  10. Kristy McNichol-Eight is enough Family Lance Kerwin- Salems lot.
  11. To my understanding, "Active" "jammers" in relation to the FCC regs are devices that interfere with the reception or transmission of another receiver or transmitter by use of radio frequency, which is governed by the FCC. I dont think the use of an accelerometer type device to disable a texting function on a Smartphone would fall under the "jammer" regulation on two points. (1) The actual disabling of the texting feature would be done by passive means, ie by accelerometer or GPS. (2) The actual transmitter of the phone would not be disabled or interfered with; the application that supports tex
  12. What I could see happening ( and would support 100%) is an app on the smart phones such as the I phone and droid that makes use of the GPS and accelerometer built into the phone to detect when the phone is moving above a certain speed and disable the texting features.
  13. In todays world TIP = ENTITLEMENT. Go back into some of the past threads about tipping and look at some of the entitlement attitudes of some of these service workers. They truly believe a TIP is OWED to them , and if you cannot or will not tip them you should stay home.
  14. Nope, it is one of our own projects here in WC FL. we call it pigeon hill.
  15. They need some place to put their satellite tv.
  16. I spent many’a nights at Miss Kitty’s and the Buckboard back in da’day. Never heard of two steps west though.
  17. A friend of mine got his new Droid X in yesterday. I have had a Droid (not sure of the model but it has the slide out keyboard) for a few months now, I LOVE IT, saying no to CRACKberry was the best move I have ever made as far as phones are concerned.
  18. Oh, I wasn’t saying that I would use those violations as pc too make a texting case, what I was saying is that If I witness these violations and the violator happens to have a cell phone in hand while committing these violations it will almost grantee someone a ticket for the signal, fail to dim, etc. and a warning for texting while driving. Those are my pet peeve violations anyway but it is like me stopping someone for speed, it they have a radar detector on the dash, that will almost guarantee a citation over a warning. So basically, what I am saying is, I don’t foresee myself writing a
  19. Unless things changed since I left Ga, Ga didn’t have a “distracted driving” law until this one went into effect last month.
  20. The consensus is, it is going to be hard to enforce this new law, as the “burden of proof” will be on the state. And yes I would anticipate an officer would have a hard time articulating to the court just “how “ he knew the violator was texting. SOOOO, here is my workaround. People who text tend to neglect basic duties such as signaling a turn or to dim headlights, or maintaining a single lane,because both hands are occupied, and to them texting takes priority over legal operation of a motor vehicle. SOOOO, when I see someone with a phone in hand, and they fail to signal a turn, dim lights ec
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