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  1. So.....Who is going to watch the GA GA Tech game tonight? Go Jackets~~
  2. 2000 Chevy Silverado 138,000 miles..Replaced transmission at 52K! 2001 Acura 122,000 miles..Replaced transmission at 22K! 1999 Corvette 78,000 miles..runs like a top 'scalded' dog and beats the Acura in mileage by about 6 miles/gallon. 1996 Honda 4-wheeler 12 Deer, 2 Possums, and 1 Armadillo 2000 John Deere Tractor 250 hours...not even an oil change...
  3. I would like to hear from someone who has recently (within the past week or so) re-entered the country from either the Carribbean or Canada. The last time I came into the US from South America we came in thru Miami...That was the first time I thought I was entering a foreign country, since my recent trip to Germany, all that was missing were the automatic weapons in full view!
  4. Would you prefer your crow, Broiled or fried... How about a nice Chianti and some fava beans too!
  5. Responded a lawmaker: "I wouldn't want my wife to be touched in the way that these folks are being touched." In Florida, the Orlando Sanford Airport, which handles 2 million passengers a year, now plans to replace "testy" Transportation Security Administration screeners with private contractors, and two veteran commercial pilots are refusing to fly out of airports using the procedures. "The outcry is huge," Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison told the TSA administrator, John Pistole, at a Capitol Hill hearing. "I know that you're aware of it. But we've got to see some action."
  6. Very well said... Do you mind if I let my Camel just put his head inside the tent for a while?
  7. That's right...Military Officers are expected to be Honorable! This little sheeze, is a Disgrace! In past times...he would have been shot! In my day probably, 'Fragged'!
  8. If the pilot is armed or there is an Air Marshall on board...I really don't care! I really believe that in this day and time, given what we have learned from these attempts at sabotage...anyone trying to ignite their shorts or attempting to take over the plane would meet some very angry folks. I can do a lot of damage just swinging my belt...if faced with a guy with a bomb...I believe I would take the risk, and I think I would have back-up! Given the choice, I wouldn't doubt for a minute you're being right there with me Blue!
  9. LPPT... IMHO, it is far more than joining the Military! When you walk into a Recruiting Office and take the oath...THAT is joining the Military! Something entirely different when you get a Congressman or Senator to write a letter of recommendation, and you pass the test, beat out hundreds of other people and are accepted into the US Naval Academy! There IS a huge, HUGE difference IMO! This little COWARD has kept someone who really wanted to serve, from a quality education! TAKE BACK HIS DIPLOMA, GRANT HIM A DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE, AND SEND HIS CHICKENcheeze ASS HOME!
  10. Peanut Butter 'N Ritz Crackers dipped in Hershey's chocolate, and a tall, cold glass of milk... Or my other favorite is a "Frito-Con-Carne" That's when you take a can of 'Hot' Chile and heat it in the microwave, then open a bag of Fritos and pour it in the bag...Now that's a Highway!
  11. Oh boy...you ARE a tedious little snit aren't you! All of us have tried and tried to give you an opportunity to understand and realize that there is more to Military service than killing people...but you refuse to see beyond your pointless argument. I have given up on you...just shaking my head as I walk away...you must certainly be right in all your misguided retoric, the rest of us are just wrong. Since you insist upon arguing by asking a question...I am done with this rediculous thread. It belongs in the Hell Hole!
  12. I didn't say that...Try to follow along, I realize you have trouble focusing... I said;"I BELIEVE God will understand, mine does." I don't claim to know 'his' God, only he would know that!
  13. LPPT had an excellent point, Submariners do not want a coward on board their submarine, Army troops do not want a coward on patrol either, and I am absolutely positive the Marines don't have any use for a coward. So what do you do with a college educated, freshly turned out 2nd Lt., Ensign, O-1 or whatever who is a coward? Make no mistake, when you peel back the layers, and get to the inside...a CO IS a Coward! Dishonorable Discharge baby! Either that -or- Request a non-combat role and get your head right and finish your obligation, I believe God will understand, mine does.
  14. Do you plan to rent videos from Netflix or just stream them? The best connection between devices is HDMI. And you can find HDMI cables on the internet for a fraction of what the store wants to charge you...big rip-off in cables at retail! I think Samsung makes the best monitors...but it is a matter of preference, go to a big box store and look at the quality closely, it's a jumble of information and each manufacturer tries to highlight their particular specialty... We use blue-ray players (I have 2) and rent vids from Netflix, we occasionally stream them over one of my laptops, bu
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