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  1. Did you double check the k cup to make sure it is being punctured? Also, dd's takes a bit to heat and dispense.
  2. No - Cappuccinos, hot ciders, chai teas, hot chocolate, coffees. They have a huge assortment of items now.
  3. Two Christmases ago, bought the 13 yo daughter a personal K machine (red). Came with a sample box of coffees and teas. She loves hot chocolate, and has found that the generic hot chocolate from Walmart is actually better tasting than Swiss Miss. We have regular coffee maker for the larger brews, but every now and then I will run a single cup when no one else wants coffee. (No reservoir on this one - and I found that if I put a "smidge" more water in before brewing, it comes out at the perfect blend after brewing.)
  4. this what you're describing? http://www.rvdesigner.com/images/products/imageView.asp?id=7&t=items
  5. Usually depends on whom takes attendance. Call the office and ask, as they may have a basket for notes (that's what HHS has at front office)
  6. Two favorites: Wendy's - Where's the beef? JetBlue - the one where the guy gets fired over the phone, flies to SF and tackles his boss at the podium.
  7. We usually like to go to Adventure Outdoors. We try to get there right at 10am. Saturday we were there for 2.5 hrs. Daughter shot 500 RDS of older 22 ammo. She let hubby and I shoot a little...then she worked out my .380. Only cost us $25 for all 3 on one lane.
  8. NITRO gives some great info on this. I personally have a Sig P238 (.380) to carry. I like it because of the size, (I have small hands), it's got some weight to it (to help with recoil),as well as it is easy to rack back to load. I like a semi-auto, but jams can be an issue. The newer revolvers are smaller, lightweight, and easier to conceal - you may want to check them out. I know Adventure Outdoors has a large variety of rental guns, and if you decide to purchase a gun there, if you save your receipt, they will put the rental cost toward purchase price. Stoddars in Douglasville has a smaller selection of rentals, but either way I would rent and try so you can make an informed decision. I looked for two months. Thought I had made my mind up, when someone said to try to P238. Another salesperson had shown me a different Sig, and I couldn't rack it back. But the P238 is a very popoular gun with ladies for carry/concealment. The Sig also has a new 9mm that is just a hair bigger than the P238, you may want to try that one. The only thing I didn't like about the Glocks were the size. Even with the Sub 26 being smaller, it would be near impossible for me to carry unless it was in my purse. Oh - and you don't have to take a firearms class to get your carry permit, but a couple of friends did the one at AO and loved it - said it was very informational. Good luck!
  9. So cool that you would post this....Pitcher in yesterday's game is oldest daughter's beau!
  10. Wow - interesting way this thread has gone, but this is P.com. lol If I see someone nice looking, I look too, but I don't undress them with my eyes or comments...and that's probably the looks the OP's daughter got. It's unfortunately the same that my daughters get. When hubby is with, he usually does say something. I don't encourage my girls to confront someone, but they are very confident in who they are, how they should be treated, and will say something if they feel it is warranted. Most times it's easier to just remove yourself from the aisle, except in the case of the group that was following us. (And I do mean following...not just accidentally running into them on another aisle.) And yes the cougars are out there too....they are just as disgusting to watch making a fool of themselves as the men are.
  11. I usually don't comment on too many things here, but this one hit home. I have two teenage girls, we are all built the same, and around the same height. And ALL 3 of us have experienced what the OP experienced. We actually had a group of about 5 males following us around the store (focused on my 14 yr old), and they were early twenties....ridiculous! The topper was that one of them walked up to a young lady with a baby, hugged and kissed her, held the baby (which was obviously his), and still followed us around! My 18 yr old deals with this constantly - course she has big beautiful eyes that seem to captivate most males. I have even been with my HUBBY walking thru the store and he has noticed other men looking - mind you I am no beauty queen, just average. But the arrogance and audacity that they look with is disgusting! Where are the parents that should be teaching these young men respect?! I do understand that many young ladies dress inappropriately, but mine were taught modesty, and when you are wearing regular jeans, t-shirt that covers all areas and is not skin tight or see thru, it makes your skin crawl. Not every young lady out there dresses like a "hoochie"....I hate going to that store, and have decided to travel a little further away to avoid the trash that ruins the shopping there.
  12. Dorifish

    Clearing land

    It's a shame that the shack fell...my kids have always wondered what it was like inside. I, too, remember when 120 was two lane...worked on Powder Springs Rd when it was two lane, and before the Sailors Pkwy extension was added. Whew! We are "dating" ourselves! It's nice having the conveniences of Arbor Place, and Kroger on Brownsville Rd, but the tranquility is gone. I'm just waiting for someone to build a McD's or Chik-fil-A at 92/Brownsville/Sweetwater Intersection.
  13. Dorifish

    Clearing land

    That house is vacant, but they have someone that uses the pastures for horses. I think there might have been an old house on the other side (not sure), but I do know that the little shack/house the was near the Junktion just finally fell in after they started logging. I know what you mean by things have changed - I lived in Marietta in 91, and it seemed like Hiram and Paulding County were SOOOOOOOO far away. When we moved to Legacy Park in 99, it was still "country", but now there are so many houses it's not as peaceful. But I am glad that they paved Tidwell...folks would speed so much in front of our house to cut thru to Brownsville, it was scary to let kids play outside. I once saw someone take the turn at my house on 2 wheels!
  14. Dorifish

    Clearing land

    I guess...the guy Hubby spoke to said his sister oversees the "homestead" property (apparently its been in his family for over 100 years...) Have you tried driving down Tidwell Rd yet? It is just flat out weird not to have all the trees there - and you can see the backside of the houses on Legacy Park Drive.
  15. Dorifish

    Clearing land

    if you're talking about the sign near the Junktion Antiques...that's been up for several years now, and the track runs behind the Junkction. The other tracks are 38 acres at Tidwell Rd, I think 46 acres on Brownsville side next to Junktion, but I don't know how much on the Bramlett Farm Side. We've lived in Legacy Park for 14 years, and it seems really "naked" now......
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