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  1. It’s not about being scared, it’s about acknowledging that there are predators in a free society and choosing to be prepared should one of them pick you as a target. Each person is responsible for their own safety. Your choice, be a helpless victim or be prepared.
  2. So tell us kp, just what is law enforcements "place in society"?
  3. You people really need to get a grip. Law enforcement CAN NOT authorize ANYONE AT ANY TIME to violate the law. If you or someone else needs emergency medical care CALL A DAYUM AMBULANCE. Bottom line is, there is NEVER a legally justifiable reason to violate the law. I have heard every excuse in the book. It is NOT my job to verify your excuse for breaking the law, YOU however have a OBLIGATION to abide by state, federal and local laws. SO if you feel the need to VIOLATE a law, then the burden is on YOU to present your defense in a court of jurisdiction.
  4. I knew there was areason I cut down on my visits to Pcom...
  5. She put hands on the officer first. GAME ON.........
  6. OH dude you have been outta the loop for a while. Newer radar can check vehicles same lane rear or same lane front, in moving or stationary mode.. This technology has been around and in use over 15 years. The Kustom HAWK radar was the first to introduce same lane technology. Old skool Hawk Golden Eagle. Todays technology. From http://www.kustomsignals.com/products/pdf/product_5213212.pdf Directional Technology The Directional Golden Eagle II (DGE II) features an antenna design with one of the longest shooting ranges, faster target acquis
  7. HEY NO DOUBLE DIPPIN……………………………….............................................trader…
  8. Well,I didn’t buy the book but I just eliminated carbs from my diet for the most part. Cut out the gallons of sweet tea, pounds of mashed potatoes and loaves of bread per week. In four weeks I have had no refined sugar, flower or starches, .I have some milk and some 50%less sugar juice in the morning and that’s about all of the carbs I allow myself. I eat two scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast, for lunch I eat a salad with oil and vinager, a chicken breast or hamburger patty and for dinner I fix chicken or some sort of shrimp, grilled, scampi ect. During the day I snack on raw baby carro
  9. The original post was a person complaining about a cop speeding while the op admitted they were speeding themselves. What the op is saying is that it is ok for her to break the law a little bit but if someone breaks it more than her they need to be complained on.
  10. She better be, I’ll go spread extra potent catnip all through her house and turn the cats loose.
  11. Did you post here just because you knew I would be lurking? Dont make me come up there.
  12. Mental note, don’t hire this private investigator. His cover was blown from the start.
  13. Men have it also. When I worked in Kansas I worked in an area where backup was an hour or more away. I have gotten behind a car and KNEW something was up with it, planned on making a stop (with proper PC of course) and then got “that” feeling. We would come to an intersection, the car would go one way, I would go another. It’s not worth it. And I’m a 6’ 240# man, with some pretty impressive street fighting abilities as well as above average marksmanship, so yea men get it also.
  14. And ya know, my experience with that is your first feeling/reaction is usually the correct one. And as passionat as I am about personal responsibility I am also a believer in “NEVER SECOND GUESS YOURSELF”
  15. What you described is what I refer to as a “hair on the back of your neck stand up” kind of thing. And yea, some times something just says “this just aint right”, and ya know, I never mind coming out for those kind of things, if nothing else just to make a presence in the neighborhood and maybe spook them IF they are up to no good.
  16. Vader, this wasn’t a jab at you personally. I am sure a lot of younger officers and elected officials would tell you to call 911 any time. The young ones don’t know any better and the elected ones are….. Well ….. Elected, and we all know politicians tell folks what they want to hear. I took an oath, that oath was to uphold state and federal laws and to uphold and defend the constitution and protect those whom would otherwise be denied those protections afforded by the constitution. With that said I am a compassionate person and I have done countless public assists in my career and continue to
  17. Nothing like living in fear every day of your life, jumping at every thing that moves and having to call a government entity to give you peace of mind. But after all that iS what the government has been working on the last 50 years. Good by neighborhood watch, neighbors looking after neighbors, friends after friends, citizens for citizens…….. HELLO BIG BROTHER. Let me ask this. Say the S/O makes contact with this subject. The guy says he is looking for a house he is suppose to do some work on but realized he left the address at home. The deputy not seeing any thing that gives
  18. Repost from: Police officers! I have a question "Here are some more of these types of calls we get. These were all in the last four days on my shift alone. I guess it is the fact that so large a segment of our population has a “call the government” mentality if things go awry in their daily routine. 1 “my teenager wont mind me and he is acting up and talking back to me and I want an officer out here NOW, I’m tired of dealing with it” 2. me and my wife had an argument this morning and I thought we were done with it but she wont let it go, I want her to get off of my case. 3
  19. "Be careful of the feet you step on today,as you may find them connected to the a$$ you need to kiss tommorow." You can flip a cop off all you want, but remember, a cop has a LOT of discretion in the execution of his job. Surely you wouldn’t expect to flip off a cop and a couple of days later inadvertently commit a traffic infraction and expect a warning….would ya? Not saying that you would ever flip one off in the first place, but just say'n.
  20. That would require at a minimum a FAR part 135 operation. That = more fed oversite, and flying 135 flights aint cheap. you are looking at any where from 750-3k per hour to hop a 135 flight. Now if you have 6-8 people to split the cost it aint bad.
  21. And yall were fussing about Paulding’s new airport. THANK YOU Uncle Sam and Paulding for building me a shiny new airport 8 miles from where my mom lives, not only can I fly myself in closer to mom now, I BYPASS TSA ALL TOGETHER. HAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
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